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TitleThe Dead zOne
Posted09.04.03 03:29:00 PM
Let's think about why it sucked so bad?...

2Face died pathetically. Heart attack? Whatever it was it was lame. Even though she should have died in Book 9, at least KA could give her a worthwhile death.

Then there was the regreening. I mean... the skipping of the regreening! WTF? I want to know what happened! The three elements thing was cool, but it never said how any of them were used.

All the crap building up to the regreening, and then KA skipped it!

Plus, I don't like any of the Mauraders or the Alphas. I thought KA got a little out of hand by putting so many new characters into book 11.

So what happenned in book 14? Took how many pages to finally find out what the third element was. 2Face died from hearing her mother. Billy died from something we never got to read about. Everyone lives happily ever after, and the we don't have a clue about what's happened to Newton or the Alphas....


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