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TitleAny new series announced?
Posted08.12.03 10:06:14 AM
Timing never has been my strongest attribute. I loved Animorphs, and just recently I've started getting interested in Remnants. I was looking forward to going through my Animorphs experience all over again, walking into the bookstore every time a new book was released, barely able to contain my excitement at having a new book to read. And now I find out that just when I start to pick up the series, it's over! Not only is it going to be painful trying to find all 14 books anywhere (I'll probably have to buy them at different stores), but I won't ever have the thrill of following the series through it's life. It's like getting to know someone, only after they've died.

So I have a question: Has K. A. or Scholastic said anything about her writing a new series? If Animorphs, EverWorld or Remnants are any indication, they'd have to be awesome, but I don't see anything anywhere about a new series. Please let me know; I'd have to look out for it!


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