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Posted08.04.03 12:25:14 AM
Lets take a quick look at two X-Men...

Pyro - Controls Fire
Angel - Has Birdlike Wings

Shouldn't you be aNgElS? lol. I'm guessing you read/watch X-Men?

Oh, does pYrOs have birdlike or batlike wings? Mol has batlike, and I like your Angle and Devil idea. We'll use it in the RPG somewhere.

And let's think about Kubrick for a moment. He's angry. Base his mutation off of anger, not his see-through skin. Fear makes us lash out... hmmmm.... quick reflexes.... something we could whip people with? Freddy Kruegar-like claws? You know what would be cool? Retractable claws like Wolverine. You would be able to see the claws when they were inside his arms/wrists....


"Never fight an ugly person. They have nothing to loose."

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