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The Last of the Last 3: Eight Freaks by Mol

Set right after the events of Departure of the Freaks. Intertwines with The Reincarnated Rider.

Stretch walked in front of the other two Remnants. They were all tired, so they were more like racing slugs. Since of Stretch's new evolvement his stature came in handy.

Nathan McSanders was his real name, but he hated it. He preferred Stretch, since of his mutation that occurred a few hours ago. Stretch had literally been stretched. His head and joints were the only things that stayed the equivalent. Stretch was about twelve feet tall all together. His neck was about two feet long. His legs were about seven. His arms were about four. And his hands were as big as those blue Post Office mail boxes. Stretch was as messed up as any one could get.

His shirt was tiny-looking compared to his new body. He didn't have on shoes because he probably needed a size thirty-nine shoe. He did like his body, but he was sad seeing Blade and Splur together. He'd probably would never have a girlfriend, especially now because of his height.

I wish I had a girlfriend. I'm not alone because I've got Blade and Splur with me, but they also got each other, and I've got no one, not even my mother, Stretch thought. He wanted to cry, but he didn't want his friends to know he was sad.

Splur hadn't had an as awkward mutation as Stretch or Blade. All she got was an extra tongue. An extra tongue, she thought. She was glad it wasn't too bad. Blade seemed to like it, anyway. It didn't do any good for her. Actually, it had become a burden. She couldn't say a word with out saying it twice.

Splur missed her old home. She lived in Detroit, Michigan back on the now non existent, Earth. She was in love, but she was still sad. She couldn't be normal again. Something weird occurred and it is going to change all the Remnants eventually.

The Remnants walked through the high, yellow grass. They knew they were still on the planet they'd landed on, but where were they at, and where were the others?

Stretch looked left and right. He stood proud or at least looked it with his height.

Blade used his scythes to cut away at the grass. They were about two foot long, and coming out of his wrists.

They had no clue where they were going, but they were going to keep going straight until they found something, or the others.

They found something alright. A half a dozen Riders coming their way, and fast!

"Riders are coming", Stretch said calmly. He was so tall, he couldn't hide. All he could do was fight them. The height must of gave Stretch confidence, too. Thatís why he had no fear of the Riders.

"I..eyesee....them, em'", Splur answered.

"Me too." Blade replied.

One Rider was faster than the rest, he lead the clan, it was his clan. He went straight for Splur! He pointed his spear at her and accelerated. Boom! Splat! Stretch crushed the Rider under his huge foot. Blaze looked up at Stretch. He just couldnít believe how fast he just moved.

The five remaining Riders stopped. One of them got off it's hoverboard.

"My name is Errol, and I demand you halt!" The Rider was mad.

"Errol? Errol Smith?" Blade said, and then continue, "I remember you from the Mayflower. Before we launched." The pressure between the Rider and the Remnants was eased. The other four Riders had gotten off of their hoverboards, also.

"My name is Errol Hadad-Chirismontak, not Errol Smith, but the name is familiar to me, and I donít know where IĎve heard it before."

"How can you talk?" Stretch asked. He looked down. It was funny seeing the Riders cowering to only one Remnants alone.

"We're the only ones that can talk your language." Another Rider spoke.

"Shut up, Liam!" Errol yelled.

"Wait, a second! My name's not Liam it's William!"

"What are you talking about!" A third Rider spoke.

"Na-name aw alll of yo your or selfves, pa pa pleaz." Splur said.

"What?" Errol asked.

"She said, name all of yourselves, please." Blade spoke.

"Why?" Errol asked again.

"Because it's kind of weird that you have the same names that our friends have, and we'd like to know if you all have the same names that our friends have." Stretch looked very protective.

"Okay, we'll do it. My name is Errol Hadad-Chirismontak, as you already know."

"William Hadad-Chirismontak."

"Son Hadad-Chirismontak."

"Shy Hwang-Chirismontak."

"Toe Hadad-Chirismontak, and Shy's last name isn't Hwang-Chirismontak it's the same as all of ours, Hadad-Chirismontak."

"That's very funny because Shy Hwang is a human just like us." Stretch said.

"My name is Shy Hwang-Chi..." Shy stopped in the middle of his sentence. His thinking head looked at Stretch very seriously. "I remember you, and I remember what happened to me."

"What do you remember", Son asked.

"I remember everything. I am Shy Hwang. I remember everything!" Shy looked very happy, as the other Riders looked very angered.

"What do you mean you're Shy Hwang?" Blade asked.

"I am Shy Hwang. I remember getting blown up by the that Blue Meanie and then I went into this place called the White World, and then I passed through that world and was reincarnated as a Rider in this one!"

Stretch hadn't a clue what a Blue Meanie was, and he figured that the Rider was creature that he was talking to. He noticed the other Riders' eyes opening wide as if they all thought of something at the same time.

Shy had shocked the Riders pasted back into their heads.

"I am Errol Smith, and I remember the White World, I went their when I died. I went their with..."

"Me. You went there with me, Big Bill. I am not Liam, or William, I am Big Bill!" Big Bill looked at his hands, and chuckled. He was happy that his memory had come back. Now, he could go and find Billy.

"I'm not any Son. I'm Wylson Lefkowitz-Blake, and I'm not tolerating this Errol. I'm leading this mission, not you!"

Errol Smith ignored her. He was to interested in who Toe was.

"Toe who are you?"

Toe looked at them and spoke, "Alberto, Alberto DiSalivo."

"How'd you die?" Big Bill asked.

"I don't know. I was in a fight with my son..." Alberto stopped, and started to make a sobbing noise, but no tears came out of his creepy-looking eyes.

"What?" Wylson asked.

"We have to stop Mother!"

Most of them nodded their head, except for the few that had to be informed of Mother. Alberto described his terrifying experience. About how painful it was to watch his son's skin being torn away from him. He missed Kubrick.

"I sat in a chair, and it must of killed me because that's all I can remember."

"This means that all of the dead Remnants have been reincarnated into Riders, even my mother." Stretch said with joy.

They all looked at each other. They weren't the Riders or Remnants anymore they were the Freaks. Errol Smith was a Rider Leader. William Weir, or Big Bill was a Rider Apprentice. Wylson Lefkowitz-Blake was a Rider. Shy Hwang was a Rider. Alberto DiSalivo was Rider. Nathan McSanders was Stretched. Justin Morgan was Bladed. And Sarah Jenkins was double tongued.

They started to finish their walk. Their encounter had been very comforting. Now, their number had been increased to eight. They came to a huge waterfall. They had no clue what to do.

Wylson then thought of an idea.

Personal Note: If any one has any ideals for more Fan Fiction, then please e-mail me, I'll most likely write it. "Eight Freaks" is not it be confused with "Eight Legged Freaks", which comes to theaters in August this years. I'd advise you to see it. It looks awesome: Has huge killer spiders!

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