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The Last of the Last 2: Departure of the Freaks by Mol

The continuing tale to "The Last of the Last".

The robot was known as a Clea Droid. It had been created to immaculate the ship that Mother controlled. For every node that the Clea Droid would cross the threshold, it's physical manifestation would change, also. It had just came from the node known to the Remnants as the Busch's Hell, and when that node had been destroyed, the Clea Droid's structure had been destroyed also. The node's default came on, as did the Clea Droids.

As the Clea Droid known as One altered its facade, it noticed the aliens falling into the water. But two of them had especially went deep. He called upon his friend, Two, and they went to the salvage them. When One got to the primary alien he put his node-like hands around the aliens mouth, knowing that his hands would have a default to save it's life. He then came upon another alien of the same species, and he did the same as he had done to the first. He started off, heading for Mother, to bring his two patients to her. Behind him followed Two with the last alien.

Finally One and Two arrived. They placed the three aliens down on the backs of a few Kemps, a species produced by Mother to be servers under her will. Then the Kemps left to find Mother.

Kubrick awoke. He was riding on some weird thing's back, but he was strapped down and couldn't move either. Ultimately, Kubrick arrived at some type of lab. The straps freed and Kubrick fell to the ground, as did his father and Gadget.

Two new robots came in the room that Kubrick and his father were in, after the Kemps left. They levitated Kubrick in the air, and made some kind of shield around Alberto. Gadget's body had been sucked down some type of tube that appeared out of the floor.

Gadget's corpse had fallen into a tube and out, onto a table. His carcass, now, lain in a plastic casket. All at once Mother had downloaded all the personal features of the Homo Sapiens into her Data Bank. She then deposed of Gadget's remnants. Mother had gotten an idea: Make a human, a Maker. Make a human, as she saw herself, in her image.

Kubrick was encircled by the new robots. His first portion of flesh was shredded away from him...

Thunk didn't know where he was departing or what he was doing. They had been swimming for hours and had no glimpse of land. During their swim, Thunk and Zeke talked. The started to recognize each other, and as the minutes passed, they became greater and greater friends. By this time, the were as close as the most flanking friends could get.

Reaper and Rolar had grown close to each other also. Actually, they had fallen in love. Hopefully, fate would let them live extensive enough to love each other. Out of the all the different groups of Remnants that had been split into groups, Thunks had done the best. It had managed to grow a great friendship and a great passion.

They swam until they couldn't swim any more. But at that moment something amazing happened. A giant bouncing phenomenon came by bouncing off the ground and on top of this amazing bouncing beast was Wilson and the rest of the Remnants. They looked up in joy.

"Help! Help! We're down here! Wylson! Wylson! Burroway!", they screamed until the Blimp had passed. It was hopeless. Rolar looked at the Blimp as their distance had begun to grow. A women with a baby from on top of the Blimp looked back at them. At first Rolar was extremely happy, but the women had turned back away. What the heck, Rolar thought.

She turned to Reaper and said, "Did you see that?"

"See what?"

Thunk and Zeke turned around to listen to her.

"Remember that women? The one with the baby."

"I don't remember..."

Zeke replied, first looking at Rolar and then changing his focus to Reaper, "Reaper, buddy, you wouldn't know because you were still in hibernation. That would be, Tamara Hoyle, and her baby. Her disgusting baby with no eyes."

"What? She has a baby with no eyes?"

"Yeah, only empty eye sockets", Zeke turned his gaze back to Rolar, "so what about her, Rolar?"

"She looked at us. She looked at us and didn't say a word to the others. She just turned away!"

Rolar looked frightened. Reaper swam up to her and tried to comfort her as best he could. But Rolar was scared, scared of her new home and scared of that Baby.

They continued to swim, but didn't get far before the ground started to tremble as if thousands of stampedes had become one. They turned around. Million on millions of Riders were coming their way on their marvelous hoverboards.

"Oh, my God, those things are back! And they coming straight for us. What are we going to do?", Rolar screamed.

"Dive. Everyone dive, now! Right now", Thunk yelled because they could barely hear themselves talk, now. And they listened. They all dove. They didn't go deep, though, just far enough to submerge their bodies.

They waited, waited for the Riders to pass, but it felt like an eternity. Reaper just couldn't hold his breath anymore. He ascent to get air. His head emerged and a Rider spotted him and swung his sword at Reaper's head. At that moment Reaper head had re-submerged, but sadly Zeke's head had come up at the wrong time, and he was decapitated.

Thunk saw Reaper dive back under as Zeke went up for some air. Reaper opened his eyes and spotted Rolar rising for air, also. Reaper grabbed her, and put his mouth to hers. He gave her his air, but he didn't rise for more. He stayed under. Thunk, then noticed that Zeke was still getting air so he rose to get some himself. At that very moment Zeke's body had sunk, while his head still stayed a float.

The three passed out and sunk to bottom. Then ended up landing in a water funnel that was full of air. They rode the funnel all the way to the basement of the ship.

Days past since Billy and Mother started their mle and Reaper opened his eyes. Next to him was his girlfriend, Rolar, and his best friend, Thunk. But where were they. They were now lying on a grass field. A grass field, where am !, Reaper pondered. He sat up, and screamed. He now had a large blade emerging from each of his wrists.

Rolar woke up next, and then Thunk. They stared at Reaper's new feature in admiration, not in terror. Rolar, now, noticed something else. Inside her mouth lain two tongues! What's going on?

"What ut is is going oing on on", she tried to say, but her binary tongues messed with her speech.

"I don't know", Reaper replied, now, gawking at her tongues.

Thunk stood up. He was growing. He was growing at a incredible speed. Seven...eight, nine...ten....eleven....twelve, at twelve feet Thunk stopped rising. He looked down at his friends, way down. Thunk started to whimper.

The three looked at each other, they were all standing, and sustained on with their journey. To find the other Remnants...

They all decided to change their names. They changed them to match their fresh appearances better. Thunk became Stretch, Reaper became Blade, and Rolar became Splur. The three freaks walked together. They walked into the sunset, or at least what appeared to be a sunset, waiting and watching for the threats that lain ahead in their expedition for life...

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