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The Last of the Last by Mol

The Last of the Last

Set during the events of book #3, Them.

Ten of the thirty Wakers stayed behind, and let Wylson and the others continue their journey. They were still aboard the Mayflower because they were to revive the last three remaining people from their hibernation berths.

One of those Remnants was Nathan McSanders. He was fourteen years old, and ready to take control of the situation. For his years on Earth he had been trained in leadership. Nathan went by the name, Thunk, because when he was seven, he knocked over an old tree by trying to climb on it. The tree ended up falling on and totaling his motherís car. He would have never of forgotten this for the rest of his life, but this was going to be his last time Thunk would ever think of the past. It would be his last time because Thunk would start to change, start to forget. Short for his age, the brown-haired boy kept on thinking and conjurring thoughts over and over again, for in his head was the key to unlock the puzzle.

Thunk was leaning up against the cold, hard metal wall of the Mayflower. He looked back and forth in disbelief. How could this happen, Thunk thought, and where are we? Thunk was under alot of stress. He decided to sit down on the floor and think for a while, and just maybe he'd start to feel better about the situation.

Thunk's mother had also survived. Her name was Rebecca, and back on Earth she was a freelance photographer. Traveling the world and taking photographs was Rebecca's life. She loved the oceans and the smell of the air. She was actually excited about the trip into space, and how the planet they landed on seemed to be more of an art than a beuty. Rebecca was twenty-eight and had blonde hair. Her blue eyes were radiant, and she was very acceptable, for she'd listen to whatever Thunk told her. She stood in a corner, talking to two other Remnants about what was going on.

One of the Remnants that stood by and spoke to Rebecca went by the name of William Ferrari. He had worked with NASA almost his entire life and wasn't ready to die. He ended up making a deal to become a passenger on the Mayflower, and it worked. He was eager to take advantage of the situation. He hated children, hated women, and hated blacks. He was the most racist, sexist, and steriotistic person anyone could ever know. But with his massive muscles, he came into use to the Remnants' survival.

Two Wakers helped open the hatches of the last Remnants' hibernation berths. One was an eightteen year old boy that called himself Gadget, and the other was a sixteen year old girl named Rolar. They pulled the three Remnants out of their berths and onto the floor.

Gadget was especially good with computers. Back when he lived on Earth, he'd invent new things that him and his family kept a secret. He kept it a secret because some of the things he invented had been illegal, but they helped out his family finnacially. He rubbed his fingers through in thick, curly, black hair and looked upon the three Remnants that laid on the floor.

Rolar was good at roller skating back on Earth. She ended up winning some gold medals in the ESPN X-Games, but she didn't use her talents wisely. Actually, she ended up going into rehab because she was using a drug called "Ending". She ended up meeting Gadget at party and found out what he could do with computers.

One day Gadget rushed to find Rolar, only to tell her that he was hacking, and found out that the Earth was going to be destroyed. He broke into NASA's computers and put his name, his families', and her's on the list of people who would be given a second chance at life. Otherwise, Rolar would have never of made it to where she is with her drug abuse recordes. But sadly, Gadget's family didn't survive the hibernation berths.

One of these three Remnants that just came out of their hibernation berth was Justin Morgan, a man that also went by the name, Reaper. He had been on Earth for twenty-four years and would never forget the mountains, the trees, and the beutiful grass of his former home. He was an American, and was an Air Force fighter pilot. Reaper was now just beginnig to wake up and his pain begun.

Fredrick Kourvich watched in terror. He was freaking out, and was in a panicky mood. He had been dubbed "Nerv" because of his panicky starture. He eyed the three Remnants laying on ther cold floor. He looked back and forth, left and right, like a crazy man. And crazy he was, but not like the state that Billy Weir was in, but a more natural one.

Reaper was shaking in pain, as were the two others next to him. Their names were Gregory Pow and Michelle Harris, and they went by the names Pow-R and Blaze.

Pow-R was thirty-nine years old, and was a navigator for the Navy. Blaze was twelve was in the sixth grade when she just found out the Earth was gong to blow-up. Pow-R started crying in pain. He was hurting everywhere, as was Reaper, but Reaper didn't cry. They shook like crazy, and then Pow-R went unconius. He stopped shaking. Reaper looked over at his hibernation buudy. Reaper knew. He knew what happened.

Blaze stood up. She was feeling better and could finally move. Reaper stood up, too, just a few minutes after her. They looked around and got site of their new found friends. A boy stood up and came over to greet them.

"Hi, my name's Kubrick. What's yours?"

Blaze spoke first, "I'm Blaze", she then pointed at Reaper, "and this is Reaper".

Kubrick wasn't feeling to good after he awoke, and his father Alberto was already starting to get on his nerves, just like back on Earth. Kubirck had dark brown hair and green eyes. He was tall for his age, and wasn't exactly American. I fact he was Mexican, and his real name was Fredrico DiSalivo.

Reaper looked down at Pow-R and said, "and that would be Pow-R. I had just met him when we were going into hibernation. But I'm, now, afraid that he is dead".

A new face walked up to Pow-R and put her hand around his wrist. She turned and made an announcement.

"Mr. Pow-R is dead. He hasn't any pulse." She then sat down on the hard floor on the Mayflower next to him and looked at the rest of the Remnants of Earth. She went by the name of Mel, and had brown hair. Not much was known of her by the other Remnants, and she liked that.

All Remnats stood up and walked into a big circle like they were going to discuss something important.

Now all but one of the Remnants stood together: Thunk, Rebecca, Will, Gadget, Rolar, Nerv, Reaper, Blaze, Alberto, Kubrick, and Mel. The last Remnant came around the up through the five hundred year old shaft screaming.

"There are weird creatures on flying things heading our way!" And he was right. They were Riders to be infact.

"What? Where are we? What's going on", Reaper asked him.

He was a twenty-six year old man that was named Zeke Gabriel. He went by the name Bair. He had been through genetics on Earth and had gotten his hair to be naturally blue. He hadn't done much on Earth, but that wasn't going to stop him from going into space, and escaping Earth's destruction.

"We landed on some freak planet and there is life on it, but the life doesn't want us on it! If this makes any sense."

Reaper had no idea what was going on, but he walked through the shaft and up in the cockpit of the Mayflower
with the rest of the Wakers.

Thunk peered out of the May flower and stared. Red-things on hoverboards were coming their way.

They climbed out of the ship, which took several minutes, and started to run as fast as the could from the Riders. Zeke and Reaper lead the way. They were followed by Thunk, Kubrick, Rolar, Gadget, Mel, Alberto, Nerv, and Blaze. Will and Rebbeca were in the back.

The Riders caught up and grabbed Rebecca. Then they caught Will. One of the riders screamed a cry of danger. He got mad and tore off Will's head with his weapon that he had at his side.

One by one the Wakers got kidnapped. Blaze, then Mel, and then Nerv were gone, caught by Riders.

What am I going to do, Thunk thought. He was running with five other people and now there are only two
left. Suddenly, the ground disappeared and the last Remnants feel about twenty feet and into water. He turned around
and the Riders were gone, as were his mother, Blaze, Mel and Nerve.

He looked foward to try and find the others, but they weren't in sight. Then a head appeared out of the water. It was Zeke's head, his blue hair shimmered. Thunk then swam over to Zeke. The water had to be about twenty feet deep. Suddenly, two more heads came out from under the water, Rolar's and Reaper's.

The four of them waited, but no more heads appeared. Gadget's dead. Kubrick's dead. Alberto's dead. They all have to be dead. There's no way they could hold their breathe that long. Reaper kept thinking. And he didn't stop either not for a long while.

The four Remnants talked for a while and decided to search for Wylson and the rest of the Remnants in hope of
survival. They swam on, never to be seen again, or at least not for now.

Kubrick sunk to the bottom of the water. A robot of some sort came by him and grabbed him. It placed an oxygen mask around his mouth. The same robot had Gadget in his other arm, but Gadget had died. The robot took off. Nearby, Alberto watched as his son was being taken away from him. He a followed as fast as he could, but he soon blacked out.

A robot came up to Alberto, and grabbed his body, too. It put an oxygen mask around his face also. And it followed the first robot. It followed the first robot for a very long time.

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