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Slave Cry by Mol

Tamara's prospective of the Baby.

In 2002, a girl strolled down the streets of an urban metropolis. She was thirteen years old, and had always got harassed for being an African American. The streets were dangerous, but the girl had pride and no one was going to take it from here. In fact, no one was going to take anything away from her. No one was going to take anything that her ancestors had worked so hard to earn, including her freedom, their freedom. But even the girl’s freedom could taken away from her, not by any human, not in the too distant future...

In 2511, that same girl was alive, but not well. Now aged at, five hundred and nine years more, she was trapped again. Trapped just as her ancestors before her were, trapped as a slave! She was probably even trapped worse than them, but this was a kind of different trapped. She was a different kind of slave, a slave of her mind.

Sergeant Tamara Hoyle was that little girl, and to believe that she had went on the trip to nowhere for the chance to try and save her baby. Her baby that stole her mind?

Tamara stood up. Actually, the Baby stood Tamara up. The Baby walked her next to the other Remnants. No. Tamara was no longer one of them. She didn't sit down to watch Mother and Billy fight, she stood. She looked at them very cautious. Did the Baby feared them both? Yes. Tamara started to wonder, the only thing that she still had the will to do.

This was different, it wasn't Tamara's race or her gender that the Baby wanted to enslave. It was here species, her entire body that the "thing" wanted. The Baby desired the Remnants. It wanted not to hurt her, or the other Remnants. It only wanted one obsession. It wanted to take control of the ship. That's how the Remnants came to function. They could help her, but any one that endangered her survival, the Baby would, without doubt kill.

Tamara's body worked and felt as it had before. But words came out of her mouth, and she did things, words that weren't hers, actions that weren't hers. Tamara was frightened, scared to death about the entire thing.

Yago wanted her strength. No. Yago wanted the Baby's strength. The Baby was afraid of Billy, but why? It made her throw him overboard on the Constitution.

More and more things went through Tamara's mind. Billy had suffered a terrible fate, but at least he'd been freed, eventually. And he was free, he had come back. Billy had to fight himself for it and he won. As for Tamara, she had to fight the Baby, the most hardest battle in world history, or should I say universal history, Tamara had felt?

Tamara would have cried if the Baby would've let her. She wanted to so badly. Tamara had already broken-down, as would the others the Baby told her, as would the others...

She was going to go crazy just like Billy had, and everyone thought that she was some kind of freak. They'd just keep staring at her, hating her. I'm not the freak! I'm not the damn freak! It's that Baby! Kill it! Kill it for me, please! Tamara wanted to scream as deafening as she could, but she couldn't.

Tamara had given up hope, entire hope. Tate was the only one that figured out Tamara's problem. She had known it for the longest time, and tried to tell Mo'Steel, but she thought that no one would understand it like her, except for herself and the sergeant.

Tate would have gladly told Tamara she knew and would try and save her, to comfort her, but that Baby would hear her and would kill her next. Tate's goal was to save Tamara, no matter how freaked out by the whole thing she was, or got.

Tamara had noticed, Tate, but had the Baby? Yes. The Baby knew because everything Tamara knew, so did the Baby. Would the Baby hurt Tate. Yes. The Baby planned to kill Tate, but it would all be in time.

She stood in a huge mess. Holding her baby close to her, well, not her Baby, but the Baby. Tamara just wanted to smash it's head in. She didn't want to be cruel, just free.

On the Mayflower, Tamara's last bits of freedom weren't fun. She'd gotten shot with a bullet. The next thing, she woke up and couldn't control a thing she did.

Tamara Hoyle would be saved. Yes, she would. She knew it in her deepest gut. She'd be saved from the Baby by Tate. Yes. She'd be saved by Tate. But if not, Tamara would be saved by death...

It was bad. Tamara had never had done anything to deserve this, had she? She had to take more pain that all of her ancestors combined. How would Tamara be saved? Only time would tell...

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