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No Escape by Mol

No Escape

Set between the events of The Mayflower Project and Destination Unknown.

Alexander Wright, Quake as he liked to be called, awoke from his hibernation berth. Quake was sixteen years old boy. He had dirty blonde hair and was tall for his age. The trip into space seemed quite amazing to Quake when he was back on Earth, and only first hearing about Earth's destruction.

A pain then struck him from the inside of his body. He ached everywhere, especially in his upper right torso and the right side of his forehead. Oh, God, I feel terrible, Quake thought, maybe Iíll feel better in a minute or two.

Thirteen minutes had pasted and Quake felt his torsoís pain leaving him. Somethingís not right, Quake thought to himself, not right at all. He could sense that the Mayflower was still in space. Whyíd I wake up, now, Quake pondered. He went to open the hatch on his berth, but it was securely locked.

Quake screamed and pounded on his berthís hatch. He couldnít budge it, and no one else must have heard him. Quake started to panic. Being buried alive, he raved. Itís going to be my grave, and I canít get out, he thought, and he was right, he was stuck. Quake started panicking more than ever, weíre never going to land before I die. How am I going to escape?

He suddenly felt a rumble in his stomach. It was the shuttle. She was moving differently than she was before.

ďWhatís going onĒ, Quake screamed to anyone that was awake, too, but no one responded to his cry.

He felt as if it were being pulled in. Then Quake heard a loud crash from somewhere behind his berth. He didnít know what to do, except cry, and cry he did. He heard footsteps, Someoneís awake!

ďIím awake. Iím awake. Can you help me out of here. PleaseĒ, Quake cried. He smiled, the footsteps were coming towards him, now.

He watched through the plastic of his hibernation berth, waiting for his rescue. Then a figure stood in front of him. A figure that was defiantly not human.

Flern Bain stood in front of the interloper. It was his job to infect any of those who threatened his and Motherís survival. He was a Hoenthra and prepared to finish his duty: protect, infect, and gather for Mother.

Flern stood on two feet and resembled a human very much. Except he had four eyes, and had purple skin. He wore no clothes. He did not need them.

He searched around until he found the main computer aboard the Mayflower. Then he linked Mother to the itís data bank to download itís information. He had succeed in the gathering, but he hadnít checked for any interlopers that could harm him.

This is where he met Quake. The two store at each other for a few moments, and then Flern spoke.

"Argouvh he nough tawr!!!", he screamed with honor. To him it meant, Interloper die in peace.

He opened his hands, and then Quake saw.

Quake saw. There were some sort of glands on the Purple Eyes's hands. They opened up and released a toxic sludge. Which ended up landing on Quake's berth. Quake heard the Purple Eye walk away.

The sludge seeped through the berth and poured onto Quake. It didn't hurt him at all. In minutes all the sludge had completely seeped through and was now on Quake.

Two hours pasted, and the sludge just sat there. It didn't do anything. What is this stuff, Quake kept saying to himself.

Then all at once the sludge turned into headless, tiny worms and started tearing through Quake's flesh. The pain struck Quake right through his spine. He felt them ripping his insides up. He felt them eating away at him. He couldn't breathe. God, help me, Quake begged.

Soon Quake was feeling his insides being torn everywhere. He heard a voice. Well, at least he thought he did. He looked out of his berth, and cried loud. He looked out and thought to himself, what's happenig to....

Quake didn't think, nor speak again. If this could happen so fast how could any of them survive? How could they?

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