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The Ultimate Rush for Existence 2 by Mol

The Ultimate Rush for Existence 2

The Four Surviving Remnants of the Rider Attack are now each completely alone. With a turn of events, each is granted a terrifying trip to see the ship through new eyes...

Hitler stumbled around in the dark. A cold breeze touched his face. He couldn't see right. The darkness was grasping his eyes. He could no longer trust them. How am I ever going to get out of here he questioned.

The lack of the lights made Hitler run into the wall after wall in the cavern. Several times this had happened to him. He'd been underground for three hours, now. Hitler's senses told him that he'd be under there for a great deal longer.

If I could only get to Chaplin and tell her how I fell about her Hitler moaned to himself.

Chaplin was on his mind. Hitler had fallen for her, but it was to late. She was gone. The departure's reality had exactly hit Hitler right away. It took him another hour to realize it.

The darkness confused Hitler very much. His mind was as accurate as his eyes were at this point. Which wasn't very accurate at all.

Hitler drug his right hand against the wall until he reached a lake? What is this Hitler asked himself. Things kept running through his mind. He was becoming very erratic. Or was he just going crazy?

There was an underground lake and Hitler had blindly stumbled upon it. His left wrist seemed to be crying. Its pain was extreme. The water didn't help much either. It had made the situation even worse.

A blind, crazy, hurting boy walked through the water until his feet could no longer touch the floor.

Hitler took began to swim. A swim to where ever his body took himself. As far as he knew, he was lost. Well, not lost because he never knew where he was in the first place.

His mind was in rage! Hitler's head began to spin and then panic rushed into his blood.

"Help!" Hitler screamed over and over again.

He stopped screaming when he thought he heard a voice. A tremor occurred, mistaken the voice. Hitler was taken by surprise.

The bottom of the lake cracked and created a drain. Hitler was immediately sucked down and in to the drain.

He opened his mouth to scream, but he was welcomed with a mouthful of water.

Chaplin awoke. She was in some kind of alien cage. Hundreds of Vamps stood around her.

A tear went down Chaplin's cheek, as she knew this was the end of her human life. And she was right, it was over.

A Vamp that stood off to the left of her cage made a loud screech. It activated her cage someway, making it begin to constrict Chaplin's body.

The cage released an acid on her. And her flesh began to melt. Chaplin wanted to cried, but she hadn't...

Nicole couldn't cry either, she knew she had lost everything. Every single one of her sences. It only took an hour after the Vamp attack. She couldn't tell what was happening around her, only that Munch had been dragging her for a while.

She was completely paralyzed. The only things she could do was listen and think. It was terrible. She wanted to die.

Kill me, God she thought please just kill me.

She slumped back into her world as she now knew it.

Munch drug the American women. He felt sad as usual, but he had been extremely depressed by the out come of Nicole. Munch could only speak French. And the only one that knew his language was Chaplin. And she was history.

He got a better grip of Nicole and threw her over his shoulder. Munch started to run. The kid was now going about sixty miles an hour, while carrying 120 pound lady on his shoulder.

He stopped in amazement, just realizing what he had done.

"Force superbe? Vitesse superbe? Qu'ai-je?" Munch said to himself. (Transfered he said 'Super strength? Super speed? What else do I have?')

He laid Nicole on the ground and jumped in to the air. He kicked off a tree and pulled off an amazing flip.

"Et agilité superbe! Impressionnant!" Much said to himself again. (Transfered he said 'And super agility! Awesome!')

He jumped up, kicking off of tree to tree, pulling of a new trick every time. He punched a tree and knocked it over. Munch, then grabbed a tree trunk with his left hand and raced around the tree.

The drag of his hand and speed tore bark right from the tree.

This all made him very excited.

He stopped and listened. A tremor? A voice? Yes. He heard a voice. Hitler's to be exact! Hitler was still alive! A smile stretched across Munch's face.

Munch concentrated and used his eyes to see through the ground and the trees. About twenty miles away, Munch saw Hitler going straight towards the core of the ship.

He stopped. And listened to his left. Then looked. What the heck is that he asked himself.

The ground beneath Munch and Nicole began to shake. Thrashing them around.

Munch was afraid. Not about getting hurt. But of protecting Nicole...

The water drove Hitler down deeper towards the ship. Until he landed on some type of dirt ground. He had hit it very hard. Too hard.

His broken wrist ached. He held it up to his face, tightly grasping it. The pain was much worse.

He peered up and down the new node. All was dark, but then Hitler had noticed something very familiar to himself. He noticed some light that escaped through somewhere and shined into the new cavern he was near.

Hitler drug himself towards the light.

When he arrived their, he peered out. A huge valley was now seeable.

In the middle of this huge valley something had been put out of place. Five Makers were lying on the ground. Dead?

Hitler had never seen a Maker. Or knew what they where. But a sadness grew inside his heart. Hitler had feelings?

Hitler made his way down the valley and got to the Makers as fast as he could.

When Hitler was close enough, he saw that roots were coming out of the ground and chaining them to the ground.

Hitler found a rock nearby and used it to break the roots and save the Makers.

For some reason they were all unconscious. Hitler ignored that fact and continued shredding the roots apart.

Hitler woke up the Makers one by one. The first awakened Maker realized that he and his friends had been freed. Finally freed and by a new species that it had never seen before.

They knew he wasn't Mother's, so they easily excepted him into their gang.

A huge Monstrous Plant rose from out of the ground. It wrapped its roots around Nicole and throw her as far as it could.

Munch wasn't taken surprise. But he was, now, truly alone.

The Monster Plant looked exactly like the plant on The Little Shop of Horrors, only much, much bigger. It had a huge Venus fly trap head and two large root-like arms. The rest of its body was submerged in the earth.

The Monster Plant went to hit Munch, but Munch jumped out of its path right at the perfect moment.

As soon as the Monster Plant slammed its head into the ground to crush Munch, Munch dodged it and grabbed the Monster Plant's neck with his hands tremendously violently. Munch then tore his head away from his body.

The Monster Plant had died almost instantly.

Munch cried. He was way stronger than he expect. He was truly a superhero. But this wasn't the reason he was actually crying. He had failed. He had lost Nicole.

Nicole was thrown so hard, she's probably dead now Munch though, I've failed her and myself.

Chaplin's eyes opened. She looked down at her body. She wore no clothes, but she wasn't a human anymore. She had been changed into a Vamp somehow? This was the cage's doing.

Not just any Vamp, Chaplin was the Queen of the Vamps.

Chaplin kept her white hair, green eyes, human-like teeth, breast, and unnatural abilities. She still had a her old voice, and still spoke English and French. But now she could understand the Vamps. And talk fluently with them.

She began to rise to her feet, checking out her new body. It was completely black and she had two huge six in half foot wings on each shoulder.

As she rose, all those around her bowed.

"What is going on," Chaplin asked.

"We've resurrected you, you highness," a Vamp answered her.

"I'm not a high being. Don't bow. I'm just me. Just Chaplin," she spoke.

"No, your highness, you name is Queen. It is Queen because of your royal blood," another replied.

Chaplin looked at the two Vamps that had responded to her. And she realized she was their master. But how? She didn't care. She now had some firepower on her side and that’s all that mattered.

"I need help. Help to find my fellow rulers," she proclaimed.

"I will help," a Vamp answered.

"Anyone else?"

A much fatter Vamp flew out of the crowd, "If my friend choices to join you, your highness, I will join also, as will my girlfriend."

"Please join me, you that have volunteered."

Chaplin turned around and beated her wings. She was lift off the ground. She rose about four feet and fell flat on her face.

She stood back up and decided to walk for now.

Three Vamps rose up out of the crowd and followed her.

One of those Vamps was Fang Arnus. He was five years old and much matured. He was the same as mostly every other Vamp. Same eyes. Same skin color. Same size, about six foot seven inches. His wingspan was fifthteen feet and he weighed ninety-two pounds. Fang was very much average.

Fang was the foremost Vamp to volunteer to join Queen. He was one of the few that believed she was a true "god".

For some strange reason, Fang had believed he had been saved by her. At the moment of her birth, Fang sworn his life to her well-being. Fang would keep his promise.

Fang's friend, Dracula, had also joined Queen. He had done it for one and only one reason: he believed in his friends choices.

He drug his girlfriend, Bride, in with him. He was attracted to Queen. But he had sworn his life to Bride. It was his sworn duty and he was forced to keep his promise. All Vamps kept their promises. It was like their religion.

He was on the heavy side, but he was well known for being an outcast. Dracula had a huge wingspan of twenty feet that labeled him as the outsider.

Dracula followed Queen. Where is she going? he wondered.

Queen eventually stopped, when she must have realized that there was no privacy anywhere.

Dracula, Fang, and Bride landed next to her.

"What are your names?" Queen asked.

The three bowed.

"Don't bow. Just answer my questions."

"I am Fang," Fang spoke.

"And I am Dracula," Dracula smiled.

Bride gave him an angry stare and then looked at Queen, "I'm Bride".

Dracula got the message and stopped smiling. He didn't like the rules of the Vamps, but he followed them.

Chaplin told the Vamps her plan. To search for her friends and find the other Remnants that she had been separated from during the Rider Attack.

They understood each other. The ruler and her pawns. The Leader. The Advisor. The Follower. And the Hater.

Chaplin was taught how to fly. And about an hour after they departed to find the others...

Fen lar Mophus walked through a burrow, which was inside the a cliff, on the valley.

He looked very much like a human being. Fen stood on very long, powerful legs. Powerful and flexible, on the account that they each had an extra joint. His appearance very different. His arms didn't match. They were too short. Fen's feet each had four toes. Three facing forward, while the fourth, thicker toe faced backwards.

Fen's skin was also different. It was transparent and all his internal organs were visible, especially his green heart.

His heads were large, triangular protrusions, covered with milky, bumpy flesh, which are extremely sensitive. This was the only part of his body that wasn't transparent. Fen had small eyes, red orbs with black pupils, which were located on each shoulder, the palm of each hand and one on each leg joint.

Fen lar Mophus was a Maker. Actually, he was the leader of a group of Makers. He had four followers: Cun lar Genhe, Har lar Ope, Mel lar Dernta, and Aer lar Jho. They had been freed by a species that they've never seen before.

Fen didn't care he excepted the newby and that was all that mattered to him. The newby was hurt and his people had braced its wrist and killed the bacteria on the alien with their special antibacterial cream.

The newby would be good as new soon.

They walked farther into the tunnel. Their aspiration was to find Mother's Domain, the chip that was containing her, to destroy her and put an end to their misery.

Fen saw the newby as a hero. He would protect him.

Hitler followed the Makers. He appreciated their kindness. They had applied an alien drug to his wrist and then put it in a brace. Their appearances to him were weird, but well accepted.

He followed them into a tunnel. Hitler had know idea where he was going but he put his faith and trust in their hands. What other choice did he have? He felt very comfortable with them.

Nicole awakened. She knew she was awake because she heard voices.

She heard the Remnants! Nicole heard Jobs and some other Remnants. She wanted to scream for help, but she was paralyzed.

Jobs was the only voice that Nicole could recognize. She hadn't really had the time to get to know anyone.

They walked right past her. No one saw Nicole. She wished to die and in about five hours her wish was granted...

The node around her changed. She knew because she heard a splash. Nicole was under water. The node was now some kind of ocean?

Nicole didn't know where she was. She was under water. As sad as it seems, Nicole drowned because she couldn't swim. She couldn't even move! It was a terrible way to die. Very, very terrible way...

Munch ran through the forest node at top speed. He flew through, going faster than 100 mph! Any tree that got in his way became history. Smashed into tiny shards.

Munch used his strength, speed, and sight. It was hopeless, though. How could anyone as unstoppable as Munch, lose a person that couldn't even move?

Munch then came upon about a couple dozen Riders. Everyone unprepared for him.

He hurdled out of the forest and into a clearing, where the Riders where.

"La bataille commence en une minute!" Munch said to the Riders. (Translated he told the Riders 'The battle begins in one minute!')

Munch was going to test his abilities on these aliens that had defeated him before. If I can't defeat them now, I'll never be able to Munch thought.

The Riders rushed to grab their weapons. Spears were raised. Swords were grasped. The battle began!

Munch ran straight for them. A Rider on a hoverboard rose above Munch and charged him.

Munch jumped out of his way and punch the board. The Rider clumsily fell off and hit the ground. Munch smashed his head in with his foot.

One down, twenty-three to go Munch told himself...

Bride flew slightly behind the others. She hated the Queen. She wanted to kill her. The rules of the Vamps aggravated her much. She wanted to release a bunch of power punches on her.

Then Bride spotted a heard of Riders.

It would be normal, except they had three messed up humans with them. One was extremely tall. One had blades one its wrists. The last seemed like the only one that was normal for the time being.

"Queen their are humans one the ground," Bride reported.

The others stopped and looked down. They all saw them now.

Chaplin saw them. They were beautiful in her eyes. She wasn't the only one that had changed.

"I'll try to communicate with them. This may be hard," Chaplin said. Then she flew towards the group.

Chaplin finally reached them. They all had gotten prepared to fight her.

"I'm from Earth, too," she spoke keeping her gaze on Splur, "I was once a human, like you."

They didn't look shocked at all.

She landed.

"I'm not surprised," a Rider spoke.

"Why are you Riders with these humans?"

"I was once a human, myself, and then I died and became this. My name is Errol."

"I remember you. I'm Clair Sullivan!"

"We've all got are own problems," Errol looked up into the sky at the other Vamps, "who are they?"

"They are real Vamps, but they believe I'm some type of Queen. And they obey me."

"Question answered," Errol said.

Chaplin signaled the others down. They obeyed.

Chaplin, the Vamps, and the "Eight Freaks" talked and then they joined sides in search for the others.

Nicole opened her eyes?

I thought I died? Nicole questioned.

No. Wait. Something was out of place. She could see!

Nicole was under the water.

Then she had soon realized the truth. She had been remanifested as an alien. A Fish to be exact!

Nicole saw the other Remnants and raced towards them.

She couldn't find a way to get their attention. So she started to bite her. They just flicked her off their body.

Nicole let them leave after a while. She couldn't communicate with them. As far as she knew, she was dead.

Shortly after the node changed, and Nicole shriveled up and died. She couldn't breathe air anymore. Now, Nicole was truly dead. Her time had come....

Munch kicked and punched, left and right. He had ran at top speeds. Lifted up Riders and threw them, hard and far. He heard and felt everything they were going to do before they did it.

He eventually he had defeated the entire clan of Riders. He was unstoppable. Munch had experienced himself, and he was ready to find Nicole now...

Deep within, Hitler and Fen traveled. Straight for Mother's Domain.

The only thing that could stop them now, would have to be Mother herself.

Time was running short. Hitler was unprepared, and Fen was so naive that he endangered his entire group...

Personal Note: I'd like to thank John from "The Remnants Achieves". Without his Alien Page, I don't think I could describe the Maker, Fen lar Mophup, as well. He is such a great writer. The descriptions he gave were amazing! No plans for a sequel have been made. I'll probably wait about six or eight months, so I can get my hands on some new Remnants books and get more knowledge. Then I'll complete Hitler's story. Unless the series introduces some Survivors from the Rider Attacks and messes up my entire story.

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