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The Ultimate Rush for Existence by Mol

The Ultimate Rush for Existence

Four Remnants have survived the Rider Attack, unbeknownst to Jobs and the others. They now thrive to survive from a new breed of alien...This is their story.

Eight human bodies laid together in a lonesome place. A breeze blew lightly upon them. A breathe awakened one?

Some Riders had attacked the Remnants and had taken a handful of them with themselves. Half of those Remnants would manage to survive for a few hours more. Four Remnants had suffered until they died. The other four had suffered until they were unconscious.

The first human to wake was young women. She was a nineteen year old that wanted to get a degree within the National Films Institute. Her birth name was Clair Sullivan, but she had chosen the name Chaplin. It was short for Charlie Chaplin, after her favorite silent movie actor.

Chaplin stood up, feeling kind of dizzy. She ran her fingers through her shinny, white hair. She had been born with white hair for some reason she didn't know. Most people would ask her if she dyed it, making Chaplin frustrated.

Chaplin wore a red Abercrombie & Fitch T-shirt with tan Khakis. She had on some brand new Nike shoes fresh out of the factory. Well, 500 hundred years ago they would've been fresh.

She started to walk towards some of the other Remnants. After about ten feet Chaplin stopped in alarm, and stared at her arm. She moved her arm, extending it into an "L"-shape. She straightened out her arms and went even farther than she should have.

"Oh, my God," Chaplin said to aloud herself. She was double jointed! Chaplin had a freaked out, but excited smile on her face. She tested her entire body for about twelve minutes. Chaplin had the abilities to move any joint she had in any direction!

This must have been caused by the hibernation berth Chaplin thought. Chaplin also thought this place is way much cooler than back home in Las Vegas.

Her light blue, angelic eyes caught the sight of another Remnant waking up.

Rupert DiAngelo had woke up. Thank God I'm alive Rupert silently blessed. He rose up and onto his feet.
"Ouch!" Rupert screamed as pressure was applied to his left wrist by pushing himself off of the ground.
"What hurts?" someone asked Rupert. He turned around with a painful look on his face.
"What are you? A doctor?"
"No. I'm ju..."
Chaplin was suddenly interrupted, "If your not a doctor than you're no use to me!"
She gave Rupert a stare, "Well, what's your name then?"
"Hitler's my name."
"Hitler? You chose Hitler as your name?"
"Yes, Hitler. I'm name after the most evil man in history, Adolph Hitler. What's your name? Peace Lover?"
"Chaplin," Chaplin replied. Hitler smiled and peered up and down her body.
"Charlie Chaplin, right? Well, a beautiful girl, like you, shouldn't have such stupid names."
They both gave each other angered stares.
"They aren't stupid. Charles Chaplin is, in my opinion, the best silent movie actor ever! And you shouldn't be such an idiot!"
"Well, I can already see how attracted you are to me. And if I was you, I'd my mouth. Then maybe later I'll give you something a little special."

Chaplin was sweating with angered. This punk is going down her mind screamed.

Hitler's blonde hair waved in the air, as her hair did. His green eyes shimmered with his smirk.

She peered down at his wrist. It was broken. She could tell by the way he was holding it. Then she noticed something else.

She strided up to him as feminine as she could.

"How'd you guess that I liked you? Because I wanted you the moment I laid my eyes on yours," Chaplin spoke as sexy as she could.

"Really? I guess, I could just..."

"Tell?" Chaplin interrupted. She strattled his leg.

"Yeah, tell..." Hitler smirked.

"Well, I guess your sense of direction sucks. Why would I want anyone like you? Especially someone younger than me! What are you? Ten?" Chaplin started to scream, "You've got a broken wrist and only one freaking ear!"

Hitler put his hands up and felt his ears. His right ear was gone. A Rider must have cut it off Hitler thought.

Hitler stared in shock. Chaplin got off of his leg. He was in total rage, now. They both were.

"I'm not ten! I am fifthteen. I was born on July 13th of 1996! I lived in Los Angeles all of my life. This is..."

"Let me guess. This is the way you just are. Right? We'll I'm not putting up with scum like you."

"I jus..."

"You just happened to chose Hitler as a name out of the thin blue air?"

Hitler started to cry. Chaplin twisted and walked away.

Nicole Emerson was awake during this argument. She was in a huge mess, too. During the Rider Attack her sight had been taken away from her, as was her ability to feel. She had landed on her head at some point. She couldn't walk either, now.

"Will somebody help me?" she called out.

"I'm right next to you ma'am," Chaplin whispered.

It was so dark, Nicole began to cry. She couldn't see, but see could cry? It was very confusing.

"What's your name?" Chaplin posed.

"Nicole Emerson. Are you Chaplin?"


"And that was Hitler you were talking to?"

"Yes. Do you know him."

"No. I just heard you guys screaming. You're a very smart young lady," Nicole paused, "How old are you?"

"I'm nineteen and he's fifthteen."

"Oh, geez, I'm forty-five."

"That's okay. I'll take care of you."

"Thank you. Are to the only ones alive?"

The body of a twelve year old woke up next to Nicole. Hitler saw this.

He had black hair, and brown eyes. He was short, but probably the average height for his age.

"What's your name?" Hitler asked the boy.

"Je ne puis pas parler votre langue," the boy countered.

Chaplin walked back to Hitler and the boy with Nicole in her arms.

"He speaks French you moron," Chaplin said to Hitler.

Hitler peered at Nicole and then to the boy and Chaplin.

"Quel est votre nom?" Chaplin asked the boy what is your name.

"James Houston."

"Quelles langues pouvez-vous parler?" Chaplin asked him what languages can you speak?.

"Seulement Français," James replied. (Which meant, only French.)

"Est-ce que voulez-vous que je vous appelle James ou employez-vous un autre nom?" Chaplin asked the James. (Translated she said 'Do you want me to call you James or do you use another name?')

"Munch. Je vais le Munch nommé, après l'artiste célèbre Edvard Munch. Edvard Munch a peint la peinture célèbre en 1893 connu sous le nom de cri perçant," Munch spoke very fluidly. (Translated he said 'Munch. I go by the name Munch, after the famous artist Edvard Munch. Edvard Munch painted the famous painting in 1893 known as the Scream.')

"Vous aiment l'art?" Chaplin asked. (Translated she asked 'Do you like art?')

"Non. La peinture a exprimé un sentiment triste. Je suis habituellement triste, ainsi j'ai choisi de me baptiser du nom de l'artiste." (Translated he said 'No. The painting expressed a sad feeling. I am usually sad, so I chose the name of the artist.')

"Que aimez-vous alors?" Chaplin asked. (Translated she asked 'What do you like then?')

"J'aime des bandes dessinées. Je les ai aimées puisque j'étais petit. J'ai même appris par coeur tous les Araignée-homme, bandes dessinées de SuperbeHomme, et de capitaine Amérique!" Munch replied. (Translated he said 'I like comics. I loved them since I was little. I've even memorized all the Spider-man, Superman, and Captain America comics!')

"Vous êtes un garçon futé," Chaplin spoke. (Translated she said 'You are a smart boy.')

"Je sais que je suis futé. Pas ainsi le bébé je. Bien?" Munch replied. (Translated he said 'I know I'm smart. So don't baby me. Alright?')

"Bien?" Chaplin replied. (Translated she said 'Alright.')

Chaplin stood up and look at Hitler, "We better get a move on."

In twelve minutes the Remnants had be introduced. Each discovering deformities that would cause the rest trouble. Chaplin discovered her ability to move her joints in any direction she pleased. Hitler's left wrist was broken and his right ear was gone. Nicole was now blind, unable to walk and feel. And Munch couldn't speak English.

Hitler and Chaplin grabbed Nicole and began to carry her. Munch walked next to them. The only person that could speak to Munch was Chaplin. They talked for hours. He didn't speak English, but he could tell that Hitler's not knowing what they were saying was driving himself crazy. It made Munch laugh.

He felt bad for Nicole, though. She couldn't see. Couldn't walk. Couldn't feel. It must have been horrible.

The four Remnants came upon a new node. It looked exactly like a forest.

Munch enjoyed it. It wasn't like Paris at all. Trees. Grass. Leaves. They all excited him.

After about an hour, strange things began to happen to Munch. First off, he started to hear weird noises. Then he started to be able to see right through the trees, like they were transparent or something. It was confusing. Very confusing.

He heard something. To his left.

"Chaplin, quelque chose de étrange arrive à moi," Munch said. (Translated he told Chaplin 'something strange is happening to me.')

She looked at him and replied, "Comment étrange?" (Translated she asked 'How strange?')

"Bien, je puis voir par des murs et avoir un certain genre d'audition sonique superbe." (Translated he said 'Well, I can see through walls and have some kind of super sonic hearing.')

"Vous avez eu une mutation, aussi?" (Translated she asked 'You've had a mutation, too?')

"Aussi? Vous avez un?" (Translated he asked 'Too? You've got one?')

"Oui. J'ai obtenu de façon ou d'autre la capacité de déplacer mes joints dans n'importe quelle direction I svp. Hitler et Nicole ne savent pas, mais je devine que bientôt ils ," Chaplin replied. (Translated she said 'Yes. Somehow I've obtained the ability to move my joints in any direction I please. Hitler and Nicole don't know, but I guess soon they will.')

"C'est frais." (Translated Munch said 'That's cool.')

"Bien, qu'entendez-vous, Munch?" (Translated Chaplin asked 'Well, what do you hear, Munch?)

"Bruits animaux. Et j'ai peur pour dire, mais ils viennent de cette façon!" (Translated he said 'Animal noises. And I'm afraid to say, but they are coming this way!')

The stared at each other for a minute. Chaplin got a better grip of Nicole and looked at Hitler.

She spoke to both of them, "I've got bad news guys."

"What?" Nicole asked.

"More aliens are coming. And they don't sound happy."

"What are you talking about? What did Munch say?" Hitler asked.

"He can see through walls and has supersonic hearing. Aliens are coming and them seem mean."

"Oh, God. I'm gonna die," Nicole cried.

"No you're not."

"It would be better if she did," Hitler said.

Chaplin looked at Hitler in anger, "If you don't watch your mouth, you'll be the next to die!"

Hitler shut up. They continued to walk.

Nicole was in terror. What was she going to do. She couldn't do anything. She was as disabled as anyone could get. She cried.

"I'm sorry, Nicole. I guess what I said was kind of mean", Hitler replied.

"That's okay. I guess I am kind of a drag."

"Yeah bet your sorry", Nicole thought Hitler said.

"What?" Hitler said.

"Wow that's neat," Nicole thought Hitler said again.

"How are you doing that?" Hitler asked.

Munch started to speak French, and now Nicole was completely confused.

Chaplin looked at Hitler.

"I don't know how I'm doing it," Chaplin said in Hitler's exact tone of voice?

She sounded exactly like Hitler. Her voice changed?

"Why are you talking to yourself, Hitler?" Nicole asked.

"I'm not", Hitler replied.

In Nicole's voice, Chaplin spoke, "This is Chaplin talking. I don't know how I'm doing this, but I'm somehow managing to change my voice."

"That's amazing," Nicole replied.

"Back on Earth, went I was and EMT, I once had a victim that had a piece of glass stabbed into their own throat. Their voice seemed to keep changing, but with your voice changes. Well, they're exactly the same as our voices. Identical, actually," Nicole spoke.

"That's cool", Chaplin spoke in Hitler's voice again. "That's cool", she said in Nicole's voice. "That's cool. I think, I've finally have the hand of it", she spoke in her regular voice.

Hitler watched Chaplin carefully. He started to like her a lot more.

He smiled at her, but she didn't notice. She was telling Munch what happened. Hilter could speak Spanish, but it came no use to him because to one else could speak it.

Suddenly, terror struck!

"Ils sont ici!" Munch screamed. (Translated it meant 'They're here!')

Hitler hadn't known what he said, but he had a clue. New aliens flew out from behind some trees and surrounded them.

Their were a total of three of them.

They were built like human beings. Their skin was completely black and they had red eyes. Thye had pointed ears and a huge mouth. Inside their mouth, were thousands of teeth with two large fangs. They had no hair, so they appeared to be bald. They had two toes on each foot and toe fingers and one thumb on each hand. All which were attached to thier claws. Finally, the aliens had two huge bat-like wings, which aloud them to fly. Their claws helped them stick to their surrounding forest node's trees.

"Dude, they're Vamps!" Hitler yelled.

"Run! Course!" Chaplin said in both English and French.

Munch ran behind them.

A huge Vamp flew in front of them and grabbed Munch. He took off and flew in the air. Munch screamed for help.

They went about a mile up, and Munch could hear every word his friends said, but sadly he couldn't understand any word, except for his own name, Munch.

The Vamp screeched a long, loud shriek. Munch began to stare at the Vamp. His eyes began to adjust. And he saw through the Vamps skin. His abilities began to work.

He saw some type of vain inside the Vamp's throat that seemed to be pumping more than the others.

He blinked and saw the Vamp's dark, black skin again.

He grabbed the skin around the Vamp's neck and pressed up against where the vain was. The Vamp shrieked again, and flapped down towards the ground.

It work! Munch found it's weak point.

The Vamp flew low enough, that Munch could jump off. The Vamp cried. It put it's hand on it's neck and flew away.

Munch made a relieving sigh sound. And used his eyes to see through the trees. He saw Nicole about seven miles away. He ran as fast as he could to catch up to her. She was lying on her stomach all alone.

Hitler and Chaplin weren't in sight.

Hitler and Chaplin ran from the Vamps. Chaplin screamed when she saw one carry Munch away.

Hitler had been punched in the face and he fell to the ground. Nicole fell on her face. She stopped crying.

"Oh, my God! She's dead!" Hitler cried.

"Just run!" Chaplin screamed and the two began to run.

The ran about twenty feet and split up.

A Vamp landed. He sensed that they had split right where he landed.

"Over here," one of the intruders yelled.

He started towards the voice.

"Over here," they same intruder said from another direction.

Chaplin laughed to herself. She was confusing the Vamp with her voice changing capabilities.

Hitler laughed, too. He knew what Hitler was doing. He had started to fall in love with her.

He smiled and yelled, "Over here!"

Then the ground below him opened up and he fell inside.

He fell and hit the ground below. He looked up at the circle of light from where he had fallen.

He stood up and watched it close. He was now trapped in the darkness.

Chaplin laughed again and continued their joke, "Over here!"

She snickered.

She waited a while, but Hitler never replied.

The Vamp jumped out and grabbed her. He put his feet around her shoulders and flew into the air. She went with him. They went high up. So high that she passed out.

Nicole's blonde hair waved in the wind. Munch had found her and rolled her on to her back. Her green eyes stared out at the nothing that surrounded them.

The Vamp must have gotten Hitler and Chaplin Munch thought. They must have also mistaken Nicole for being dead because they were most definitely were afraid of me Munch believed.

He slapped her very hard in face. Several times.

Nicole woke up. She thought of something or something and woke up. She was very confused. Could something else have touched her?

"Chaplin?" Nicole questioned.

"Munch," Munch answered. He didn't know what she said, but it was easy for him to guess that she wanted to know who was there.

"Munch. Thank God," Nicole said to herself.

"Munch," Munch said his name again, thinking she was checking to make sure it was him or something.

Munch hugged Nicole and began to cry.

Nicole could tell Munch was there. She heard him.

"Thank you, Munch," Nicole said. She knew the were alone. She could only hear the sounds of the wind.

"Munch," Munch replied by saying his name again.

"Nous sommes seuls, maintenant, mais bientôt nous trouverons les autres restes. Nous devons les autres restes. Nous devons!" Munch said, not only to himself but to Nicole, even though she wouldn't understand. (Translated he said 'We're alone, now, but soon we will find the other remnants. We must the other remnants. We have to!')

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