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Quatrika by RenoN

You have failed me. I had welcomed you into my circle, given you my powers in order to take control of the Others. I had faith in you. I thought that you would be able to destroy the Abomination and turn the Others into slaves. Instead you killed potential allies and only managed to recruit one of the Others. Then you become so weak... you let them destroy you! I have given you so many chances. I will not make such a foolish decision ever again! You have died before and I have brought you back in hopes that you would be able to prove me wrong in my assumption that you are worthless.
However, I have decided to give you another try. You have another chance at life; at glory; at power and leadership. This time, I have made it impossible for you to fail. I will join you - recreate you - so that your bodies and minds are as one. You will then go into the Others new world. You will know nothing of your past failures or accomplishments. You will have only one thought as I revive you in a world you were born to conquer.
` Fulfill your destiny.

Pain and questions shot through his head. He curled into himself with a low moan. he didn't know why he was here, or how he was here, but he was and he had to make the best of it.
He sat up and tried to take in his surroundings, spots dancing in front of his eyes. Lush green fields surrounded him on all sides. He had been lying under a huge tree, and if he stuck out his legs, his feet would just graze a fast-moving river.
"Who am I?" he said to the green and blue world.
 He was so completely lost...
Sobs racked his body until he couldn't breathe. He soon returned to blessed unconsciousness.

Jobs and Sanchez marched diligently, leading the hunting party. They were on their way back from their expedition, the five men and two women carrying three of the horned bröjka; enough food to last the whole colony for six twenty-fours.
"Jobs?" Chameleon separated from the following pack and walked beside his brother. Even though his mutation had faded soon after Terra Nova had been created, he still wished to be called Chameleon. Besides, it was hard to impress upon the marauders that he was no longer deserving of the title.
"Can we stop? Me and Grost - I think I twisted my ankle. Besides, there's that river nearby - everyone can get a drink."
Jobs had a habit of naming landmarks like rivers and lakes. A useless one, really, inspired by the poet in him. It didn't help anyone, and when the names occasionally found their way into a conversation, the other person would give him an odd look before continuing their piece.
"What?" Chameleon's puzzled expression - typical.
"Nothing. Sure."
"So it's okay?"
Chameleon turned towards the rest and shouted; "Rest stop! We have a river about three sixties ahead! If we hurry, we can make it in two!"
Sanchez grinned. "Hey! That's my line!"

Chameleon bent near the water, drawing some into his hands to scoop into his mouth. This was one good thing about Terra Nova. The water didn't need to be processed before it was drunk. It was perfect and straight from the source.
A hand fell squarely on his shoulder and tightened around his woven shirt. He braced himself against the bank to avoid toppling into the icy stream.
"Grost!" He shouted, "You startled me!" He noticed the worried expression on her face.
"Are you alright? What's wrong?"
“A boy.” The frightened girl whispered the words. “I think he's hurt.”
"What do you think we should do?”
“I want to go back.” She sighed before continuing; “Will you come with me?”
"Yeah. Sure..." Chameleon rose from his knees.
“There he is.”
Chameleon saw the frail form curled against the trunk of a tree. Dark hair shadowed a pale face and fine features.
“I don’t think we should move him.”
“Why not?”
“Well…he could have broken something really bad, and if we move him it might kill him so…”
Grost gave him a suddenly stony look.
“If we move him he will die, and if we don’t move him, he will still die. Which method would you rather condemn him to? If we take him with us, he will at least have a chance.”
Chameleon blinked and shrugged before he and Grost hefted the boy between them. Personally, he thought that she had been spending way too much time around Sanchez.
He’s getting there.
This is almost too easy. They are taking him right to their living quarters. He doesn’t even have to try to convince them to let him live with them. Now, it’s only a matter of time before the Others and their children become slaves to use at my disposal.  

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