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Cassidy chapter 2 by Luckie
"What?! I dont like this at all. I'm freaking wet!" "Ahhhh some thing has my foot," Anamull cursed. Yago looked at Cassidy. "We all saw you kill Burroway. Help him." "I dont know how i klled him though. I just did. I was mad." "Do something!!!" "Okay just SHUT UP!" Cassidy dissapeared under water and suddenly the water surrrounding Anamull shot up and you could see where whatever it was bit Anamulls foot. "'s gone now. And you made a big deal of that?" She ripped a piece of faberic from Anamull's sleeve and tied it around the small cut. She smiled. "I think you're gonna live." Anamull was embarassed, and he just smiled back. Job's came walking by draging Billy along. Billy's eyes connected with Cassidy's. "Why did you make me black out like that,"she asked him."I gave you those powers. They needed to develop.""What?! Why me?" "Like you said, we are connected. We were during hibernation." She looked at Yago and the others. They had showed no sign of hearing her speak with Billy. She looked back at Billy. Her eyes slowly shut. "Not again." Another blackout.

"Wake up. You have to stop doing that, it's wierd," Yago said. "Come on we have to get on." "What is that thing," Cassidy asked. "It's a blimp, and Mo'Steel bit it," Edward said. "Well aren't you cute," Cassidy said to Edward. She stood back up. "'s you." "I dont like you either," 2face yelled back. 2face and Cassidy glared at each other for what seemed like forever. "Come on, Elements, lets go," Dcaf said to Cassidy. "Elements?" "Nevermind. Lets go." Yago lifted Cassidy and Dcafe onto the Blimp. "Wow, your'e like really strong." "Thanks!" "It's getting dark," Tate reported,"We should get ready to go to sleep."

Darkness fell. Everyone but Yago was asleep. "Cassidy?" He shook her. "Whaaaat?""Get up. We need to talk.""About what? Im tierd."Im going to take charge of all the remnants. I could do it but I need help...and your perfect for it." "Me? Tell me more about this. Then I may agree to help you." "Okay well......And there is no one better than you. That's why." "I'll do it. But....

*(sorry itz not very long, but there r like a lot of people at my house & im kinda busy...sry :-(

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