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Cassidy by Luckie
Cassidy looked at her dad. He wasn't really her dad but he had helped her, gotten her out off the horrible streets of New York City. He was an actor and a scientist for NASA. He was worried, she could tell.
They were standing in front of the Mayflower, waiting to board. Cassidy, her dad and her little brother Gerald looked up at the ship. A pathetic way to save the humans.
Cassidy stared at the ground. Every thing she ever loved and knew was hours from being destroyed and forgotten she had nothing to say and no one to talk to so she did nothing. She turned around. Yago was standing behind her. "Do you need anything?,"she asked him with a rude tone."No. You just looked kind of, you know, upset,"he answered."Well, I wonder why," she said."Well just so you know you can talk to me. You're the only famous person, besides me here and I dont want to be with those people who are unheard of. And especialy not that half baked horror, 2face." He spat out her name as if it were some sort of posin. She just looked at him, all she could think of was sleeping.She closed her eyes and awoke much later in front of a hibernation berth. She opened the door and fell right inside. Who had brought her here and how did she know the berth opened like that? She saw the tube and shoved it down her thoat. Her eyes shut and she fell into something much deeper than sleep.

Cassidy blinked. She opened her eyes again, more than a day later. There was a face looking at her. Jobs, that was his name. "This one is alive." Alive? What did he mean? Gerald and her dad, were they okay? She looked to the left, where her dad had been. "This one is cheese," Jobs said. Cheese? She focused on the berth. It was filled with....mold. Cassidy's stomach turned. She reached for the berth lid and stepped out the berth.She looked the berth next to her dad's. Gerald was in a waking stage. Cassidy walked around aimlessly. She got to Billy's berth."Billy, can you hear me? You've been awake haven't you? I have felt your presence." What was she saying? She had no control over herself. "Billy?" Suddenly she blacked out. Nothing.

"Feed Cassidy to the baby. She is practicly dead.""You cant do that,Burroway." "Why because she's a little famous brat like you?" "No-," Yago was interupted."You wont feed me to any one. I'll destroy you if you do," Cassidy yelled."You're alive?," Yago asked. "If I was dead, would I be sitting up talking?" She had control of herself again. She looked at Burroway. "Kill me huh?" She balled her fists and Burroway caught on fire. The flames consumed him quickly and he died. Yago looked at her wide eyed."She is a freak. But she's famous, and hot. And I've wanted to kill Burroway since he crawled out of hibernation any way," he thought. "Join me, D-caf, and Anamull. We are kind of a team, and you are-" The floor fell out before he could finish, and they fell into water....

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