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Running by monkeydude
Billy was running threw a thick forest. Hew dodged trees and jumped over bushes. He was amazingly athletic. He didn't know what he was running from but it was big and scary, and he knew he didn't want to meet it face to face. So he continued to run from what he has never seeen.

It was like his memory was erased. The only thing he remebared is his name, Billy. Other then that, he didn't remember how he got into this forest. He didn't know what he is running frome and even didn't remember his past. He wanted to cry

No crying,he thought to himself. Whatever is behind you wants you dead, and dead badly. This sucks!

He tried to turn but he was on a one way track. He could fill it coming closer so he tried to run faster but it was like he had one speed and one speed only.

All of a sudden his body jerked, then stopped to a sudden holt. He cold fill it breathing on his neck. It's warm breath going down his back.

Wait, it's a woman, he thought.

He had to turn around and see what this woman looked like. He jerked around and all of a sudden everything came shooting back to his memory. The mayflower, earth in peices, the remnants, death. Mother is back!

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