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Kar's Story: Another Conspiracy by Mol

Kar's Story: Another Conspiracy

The story of compute hacker Carson Hensler and his involement in the Remnants Conspiarcy.

Carson Hensler was a computer genius. At the age of twelve, Carson could probably hack the most complicated computer network ever created without ever being caught. It wasn’t until Carson was fourteen that he was discovered. A young hacker by the name of Derek McCoy was searching personal computers, looking for people with the potential to become a hacker if they weren‘t already. Derek found Carson, and traced Carson’s computer all the way to his home. There Carson was confronted by Derek.

Derek explained his role in world of the net, and how he was hired by Area 51 to search for new hackers. Carson listened carefully as he was offered a job at Area 51, as part of it’s computer protection agency. Carson couldn’t believe his ears. He excepted Derek’s offer almost immediately.

Carson was taken to Area 51, while Derek had Carson’s house raided by professional forensic specialists to make Carson’s absence look like a kidnapping. It had worked and for seven long years, Carson had worked for Area 51.

At the age of twenty-one, Carson was the best hacker in the world. He stopped many break-ins and was rewarded greatly. But Carson needed more, he wasn’t allowed to leave Area 51’s compound. With all the luxuries he had been given, he was never allowed to leave, and for this reason Carson saw himself as a prisoner.

Derek was twenty-eight at this time. He had worked hard with Area 51’s Computer Protection Agency and was finally retired from the hacking world. He was now free to do whatever he please in Area 51, but his most favorite thing to do was to talk with Carson. They had become great buddies in the seven years they had spent together.

One day, not too long ago, Carson came upon a strange file running through the web that he had never witnessed before. He was afraid that it was some type of bug. Once he had further investigated the file, he had found out that it was an e-mail, but why was it showing up so funny on his computer? He stopped the file and read into it.

He laughed when he read the beginning of the letter:

Mrs. Applegate, my name is Sebastian Andreeson, but you can call me Jobs. I’ve got a series of fourteen stories that need published for the human eye to read. You are my last hope, and only you can save the future.

“The future?” Carson laughed to himself, “so that’s why this e-mail is showing up so funny.” Carson read on until on very important line caught his eye.

In 2011, an asteroid will destroy Earth, but there is hope...

Carson shook it off. This had to be a joke. He copied the file, and sent the message to its original destination. This was his mistake...

Two years later, Carson was going crazy he caught so many hackers that it wasn’t even funny. Area 51 was going to drive him insane if he stayed any longer. So Carson made a plan. A plan to escape. One night, Carson had created up a person on his computer, making up a history for this person an everything. He made birth certificates, licenses, and make his person have his own social security number.

He packed away his laptop, and ran away from Area 51. He hacked into Area 51’s security program and unlocked every gate he needed to use to exit. It was a breeze for Carson.

After Carson’s escape Derek was send back to Area 51’s CPA to find Carson, but he knew it would be impossible. Carson could hack a computer with his eyes closed and his eyes tied behind his back.

When searching for Carson, Derek found something even more interesting: a copy of an e-mail to a Mrs. Applegate. He read it, and contacted Head of Security immediately. They tried to traced the e-mail to its sender, but it was impossible. They tracked down Mrs. Applegate and looked into her history. Remnants, the name of the series of stories by Jobs, was already copyrighted by Mrs. Applegate and six books had already been released to the public.

Area 51 decided to let it go on, and decided to watch fan sites rather than Mrs. Applegate. They had figured that most people would see the series as just another fictional series. But they still feared that few would see that it was real, and the book series was just a hoax, that it was really telling of Earth’s future.

Carson kept close tabs on Area 51. He was so good, that he knew exactly what Area 51 was looking for: Remnants sites. He viewed some of the sites, and remembered the e-mail that he had intercepted. Area 51 had believed that is was real. He laughed at first, then decided to get further into the whole Remnants scheme.

He had viewed all of the most popular sites: The Remnants Archives, Monster’s Remnants Site, and Rem Com. He had found exactly what he was looking for: believers. This wasn’t good at all. All of these administrators were in great danger, and only he could warn them.

We paid close attention to Area 51 and close attention to the site until he found out exactly who Area 51 was narrowing down on. Their target was a nineteen year old by the name of Anthony Devough, and also the administrator of Rem Com.

One day, while checking out Anthony, Carson realized that Anthony was doing something new: Anthony was attempting to hack Area 51. Carson could almost scream. Anthony’s trying to hack Area 51 would be the last straw. Area 51 would come for him. They’d think Anthony was on to them.

Carson checked Area 51’s computers, and discovered that a team of Area 51 assassins were being dispatched while an Area 51 hacker wrote to Anthony, which was no doubt a distraction. When he looked into the list of assassins further, he had discovered that Derek McCoy was listed. This confused Carson, why would he be an assassin. He’s a hacker, not an assassin!

Carson scanned Anthony’s phone line. He found the phone number of an Evelyn Devough, which he figured was some type of relative to Anthony, like a grandmother or an aunt. Carson called Anthony’s house with the number he was given.

A voice answered the phone, “Hi, Aunt Evelyn.”

“Is this Mr. Devough? Mr. Anthony Devough?” Carson asked.

The voice trembled, “Yes. Who is this?”

“My name is,” Carson began than paused to think of a name, “Kar. Now listen carefully, everything I’m about to tell you is very important, and I don’t know if I have a lot of time. Are you still listening?”

“Yes,” the voice wept.

“Area 51 has had agents watching your house for the past three months. They are everywhere. Your web site, Rem Com, has a lot of truth to it’s fiction, and Area 51 knows that. Those Remnants books you’ve been reading and basing your site on are not fiction. They are merely text from the future remitted into the past. They are not meant to be in this time.”

“What?” Anthony said in surprise.

“The Remnants books are real. They tell the story of a distant future. They’ve been sent back in time by an old man that goes by the name of Jobs. He sent his stories to a Karen Applegate, who turned in the stories as if they were her own. Anthony, you were chosen by Jobs himself. You were chosen to warn the world of the asteroid. You alone.”

Carson heard a click.

“Hello? Mr. Devough? Mr. Devough?” Carson screamed, but it was no use. Anthony’s lines were cut. Anthony was as good as dead.

Carson searched to the next administrator in line to Anthony. He was the administrator of a site called Monster’s Remnants Site, and his name was Mol.

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