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Beyond All Others by Mol

Beyond All Others

The story of the Troika's inauguration.

Amelia's eyes unlocked, awakening her from a deep sleep. She didn't recognize where she was, but she knew it wasn't her hibernation berth, the last place that she could remember being. Amelia recalled boarding onto the Mayflower, and preparing for her long sleep. But that's all she could remember. Her memory strained to think of where her new location was. It was no hope. Amelia was lost.

Some sort of yellow twine was enclosed around Amelia's body. It wasn't very strong, though. With a simple once of strength, Amelia broke free, falling immediately to the floor. Amelia's head hit hard off the floor too. She held her aching head, as she rose to her feet to take a better look.

Everything visible was dark. The walls seemed to be made out of some sort of stone. Every bit of the wall was covered with cracks and chips. It was without a doubt thousands upon thousands of years old. More modern-looking, metal arches were surrounding the walls. They were most likely keeping the structure Amelia was in up. The ceiling had bright yellow sacks hanging from itself. They were some sort of cocoons.

Amelia counted them. There were seven. Eight, if you the torn up one Amelia emerged from herself. She had figured that there were other people in them. But what were these people doing in cocoons, Amelia thought. She never remembered leaving her berth.

A nearby cocoon began to sway. Whoever it detained was about to break free. Amelia stood back, and watched the swinging cocoon. Fingers emerged from the twine-like material, and a man plummeted to the floor.

Amelia's eyes met with the man's. He looked scared. Amelia began to wonder if the man knew what had happened. The man just stood up, running his fingers through his red hair. He was taller than Amelia. Thinner too.

"Are you alright?" Amelia asked the stranger, but the man didn't say a word. He just looked around the room. "I asked you a question? Are you alright or aren't you?"

The man fixed his eyes on Amelia and spoke, "I'm fine." But he didn't say another word. He just looked away, checking out the cocoons up above.

"Do you have a name? Or are you just going to ignore me?" Amelia smirked. The man's stare ended. He faced Amelia. A spark of anger appeared in his eyes.

"Do you ever shut-up?" the man said, clearing his throat. "I'm trying to figure out where in the world I am, and all you're doing is being a nuisance. So shut-up for a while."
Amelia's teeth gritted tightly together. Hate appeared in her bland, gray eyes. Her beautiful face wasn't beautiful anymore. It was mad.

She opened her mouth to argue with the man, but another cocoon began to sway. Another person was awakening. She moved away from the man and went over to the cocoon. She'd deal with the freak later.

The same thing that happened with the freak's cocoon was happening with the new swaying cocoon. It split wide open, and another man collapsed to the ground. Amelia the instantly ran to the new man’s side.

Amelia thought he was cute. He was younger than herself, but Amelia liked her men younger. Her hand came to rest on shoulder. He was strong too, which was another turn on for Amelia. He looked blankly at her, and she helped him to his feet.

“Where am I?” the man asked.

“I wish I could tell you, but I’m just as lost as you are. My name’s Amelia,” Amelia told the guy.

The guy smiled, and responded to Amelia, “My name is Duncan, and it’s a pleasure to meet you.” Duncan’s smile increased in size once he saw how beautiful Amelia was.

Duncan was just as confused as Amelia, but he was more sly. He thought he was better than anyone else. He even had the scars to prove it. He wasn’t attracted to Amelia, at the least. Duncan was well known for leading people on back on Earth. He called it his talent.

“How sweet,” a voice hissed from behind Duncan. His head turned to see another man. When he turned back towards Amelia, he could tell she didn’t like the man.

“Why don’t you just tell us who you are, you freak? And get this ridiculous confrontation over with,” Amelia screamed.

“My name is Charlie. Charlie Langlow the Third to be exact,” Charlie sneered. “I already know your names, but I don’t even care. What good are names anyways?”

Amelia didn’t answer. Duncan just stared. Charlie was just cruel.

Three people had emerged from their former resting places, while five more hung from the ceiling. Amelia couldn’t take it anymore. She didn’t know where she was, and she didn’t like Charlie at all.

“I’m leaving,” Amelia announced and departed from the Cocoon Room. Duncan didn’t say a word to her. He seemed more interested in Charlie. The two began to talk, as Amelia made her way throw the only doorway.

When Amelia made her way through, she found herself in a hallway. It looked exactly like the Cocoon Room, with it’s old stone walls, and it’s new metal supports. She began to walk.

Everything looked the same. There were doorways everywhere, so Amelia decided to get Charlie and Duncan before she all alone. When she turned to go back, everything looked different.

The walls were solid blue, and the supports had changed into a purple-like color.

“What in the...” Amelia’s mouth dropped open.

“World, Amelia?” a voice echoed through the hall. A voice that definitely didn’t belong to Charlie or Duncan.

“Who in the...” Amelia questioned, under her own breath.

“World, Amelia?” the voice echoed again. “I am the Ancient Enemy. You are the Ancient Enemy. Charlie and Duncan too.”

“What do you mean?” Amelia asked.

“Focus and learn,” the Ancient Enemy reverberated off the walls. It didn’t answer her question. It didn’t say anything else.

Amelia was left alone. No one was around. The Ancient Enemy had confused her. She raced back to the Cocoon Room. Duncan and Charlie seemed to be in shock. They must have heard the same thing she had.

Hours later many questions ran through the three people’s heads. Focus and learn, they questioned.

“Maybe we have changed, evolved?” Charlie proposed. This lit a spark in Duncan.

“Maybe you’re right. I mean, we did come out of a cocoon. Doesn’t that mean we changed?” Duncan agreed.

“What would they be? We don’t have wings? We aren’t butterflies or anything?” Amelia asked.

“Well, maybe it’s unnoticeable?” Charlie said.

“That must be exactly what the Ancient Enemy was talking about. If we focus on ourselves, we’ll learn how to us our highly evolved bodies?” Duncan inquired.

“Yes, and then we’ll rule over all those who don’t evolve like us, over all those who don’t make the transition,” Charlie suggested.

Amelia closed her eyes, and began to concentrate. She focused deeply into her thoughts, and that’s when she revealed her newest addition to her essence. Her pores opened up and all the bacteria in her body ran out. It ran down her cheeks, and rolled off her body onto the floor. But it just wasn’t bacteria, it was fungi and parasites too.

All that was bad inside of her was lying on the floor in a gigantic pile of disease. Amelia stared at it in amazement.

“What does it do?” Duncan asked.

Amelia just stared at it, and then she found out. The pile slithered past the three of them, and onto one of the four walls. It began to devour the wall. In a matter of seconds, the wall was gone. Another room had been revealed, a passage to be exact.

Amelia smiled. The most evil smile she ever had. “Take the cocoons off the ceiling. We don’t want them to be as strong as ourselves.”

Charlie and Duncan agreed. They were the three evolved humans. They were better. Why loose that chance, and become equals with the other five? Duncan’s new function was soon discovered. He was growing extra limbs left and right.

Duncan carried all five cocoons by himself. Amelia smiled.

“What a great team we make,” she said.

“Yes, we do make a great team, don’t we?” Charlie replied.

The three laughed as they traveled down the passage way. They traveled all the way into the deepest place of where they were. There they would learn how to use their abilities more accurately. They would rule over the five, and in three months they would met more survivors. In three months, they would make there rise to the top, and in six, they would completely rule their new home.

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