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Freak Vs. Freak by Mol

Freak Vs. Freak

The story of what takes place between Kubrick and Charlie, before Kubrick’s demise.

Riders were everywhere, hovering past the struggling Remnants at rapid speeds. Their treacherous techniques endangered any of the Remnants that got in their path. With a loud howl from one of the Rider’s eating heads, Tamara’s eyes opened.

She was lying on Billyville’s virtually fading grass. The grass was slowly vanishing into nothing, revealing the Ship’s true surface. Tamara screamed in pain. She had recently been shot down by a Blue Meanie. Shrapnel was pierced throughout her entire body. An actual tear ran from her eye.

Tate ran over to Tamara’s side, “Tamara, don’t worry. You’re going to survive this. Every single one of us will survive, I promise.” Tate’s eyes were wide open with shock. She was afraid she would loose Tamara at any moment. Tamara just smiled, and went unconceint again. Tate laid down next to Tamara, and embraced her body tightly. Tate wasn’t ready to loose Tamara.

Somewhere else on the field of horror, Kubrick was taking all his anger out on Charlie. Charlie had been pushed to the ground, his quills pinning his helplessly. Billy was kneeling on the ground next to 2Face. She had been attacked by Charlie earlier. She was fading just as fast as the buildings in Billyville.

“You’re going to pay for the suffering you caused, Charlie!” Kubrick screamed. He repeated his anger-driven punches and kicks on Charlie. With every punch and kick Kubrick gave, he was stabbed with Charlie’s quills. Kubrick was bleeding hastily from all four of his limbs, but he didn’t care. He couldn’t feel pain. He couldn’t feel anything.

“Just let go, 2Face,” Billy said crying over the girl.

She grabbed his hand, and said, “Never. I’m living, Billy. I’m not dying now. I’m not going to die for a long time.” Tears still ran from Billy’s eyes, but a smile appeared on his face.

“That’s good. Very good,” Billy told her.

A mini-missile, from one of the overhead Blue Meanies, hit close to the fight between Kubrick and Charlie. Kubrick was knocked off balance, and fell onto the Charlie.

Kubrick laughed, “You’re going to die very painfully, and I’m going to enjoy it very much.”

Charlie’s quills began to contract back beneath his skin. Charlie definitely had a smile on his face.

As soon as Charlie’s mouth was quill-less he spoke, “I’m sorry to have to tell you this Kubrick, but you are not going to enjoy my death. I am going to enjoy yours.” Charlie was back to normal without a single prong sticking through himself. He stood up. “You’re bleeding to death, you idiot.”

Kubrick looked down at his body, through his transparent skin. He was almost completely out of blood. Kubrick was dumbfounded. Charlie was right: Kubrick was going to die.

Kubrick went to lean to his left to pick his body off the ground, but couldn’t move at all. Charlie laughed. Kubrick closed his eyes, but his eyelids were also transparent. Kubrick felt himself fade away.

Charlie stood over top of Kubrick, and he turned towards Billy and 2Face. “Next time we meet, Billy, you will die. I promise you that.” Charlie turned to walk away.

“I think you’re wrong Charlie. You’ve been wrong your entire life. What makes you right, now?” Billy said, wiping his face.

“I’ve never been wrong in my life,” Charlie yelled ignorantly.

“All of your pathetic conspiracies back on Earth have always been wrong. You’re a failure just trying to hid the truth from yourself,” Billy said back with satisfactory. Charlie’s attitude completely changed. He was angered.

“I was right about the world’s termination,” Charlie smiled.

“That wasn’t a conspiracy,” Billy shot back. Charlie didn’t defend himself. He just walked away. Slowly at first, and then his pace turned into running. Billy laughed.

Billy finally knew how things would turn out. Kubrick might have died, but 2Face was still alive. She would fight another day. Billy picked himself and 2Face up in the bubble that was surrounding them, and flew over to Tate and Tamara’s side. His bubble grew double in size, and he picked up the other two Remnants. He flew the bubble gracefully around until every Remnant was safe.

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