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The Rise of Sol: Part Two by Jay Eff

The Rise of Sol

Part II

Chapter 1
-Who is Sol-

I climbed over the great hill and waved my projection's hand to have a great eagle flap from the tree.
"Here we will rest," Taris said. Taris was the older man that had previously broke Jakal and Tigra up when they were fighting. They were each unique, the Remnants. I had introduced Jarem to them, and gave curtain powers. Jarem had cyberkinesis. The power to control computers. I had explained to them that I could somewhat control the environment. They didn't suspect anything of me.
Tigra started shapeshifting. She grew fur all over. She became white. She had little black spots all over her fur. I searched Tigra's mind and found what this animal was. A dalmatian. Her pet back on Earth. She was done with her "morph", and curled up and relaxed.
Jakal went into one of his trances and soon started levatating. Jakal seemed to be the most powerful of the Remnants. He flew up and landed on a branch in the tree.
Taris snapped his fingers and a bed appeared in front of him. He was a psionic illusionist. He layed down on the bed and soon fell asleep.
I concentrated and teleported high into th tree. My human projection sat below, huddled with the other Remnants. I kept myself out of their sight. I felt all their mind's below me slowing and slowly drifting away. I could now feel so much from all of them.
Who is Sol? one thought. A telempath. One that could feel others emotions. And manipulate them. He felt my presence. I could easily block myself from his sight, but I liked him. I liked letting him wonder. I laughed at his level. I will find you, Sol, he though, and I laughed again.

Chapter 2
-It is Sol!-

Jakal awoke below and looked up. To fast. He saw me.
"Jarem? Do you bring forth this monkey?" he yelled below. "Is it really green?"
"It is Sol!" the telempath yelped, waking from the yelling.
I raised Jarem.
"I saw that green monkey in my dream. I must have subconsciencly made him."
"He lives, I mean he is really breathing being. He has a brain. He thinks," Jakal yelled at me. I jumped from the tree and used Taris's illusionist power to make me fade, like a projection, I just teleported into Jarem's bag, in reality.
Sol? Where are you now? I know that was you, the telempath thought to me. I laughed at him. He was smart.
"I'm gonna try to find some water," he said. I teleported out, and followed.

Chapter 3
-Hello, Sol.-

"I know you're near, Sol," the telempath said. A dove flew from the trees. Sol knew that human's thought of the dove as a sign of peace. The dove flew in front of the telempath, who's choosen name was Telek, and landed on the ground. The dove's beautiful white fethers melted away as it got bigger. It became human. A female.
"Hello, Sol," Telek said, after checking Sol out. "What happened to the monkey?"
"I control the ship's projectors," Sol said simply. "I am everything and anything." Sol laughed a "girlish-laugh".
"What do you want? Why do you hide?"
"I want what Mother wants. I hide to watch," Sol replied.
"Mother made you?"

Chapter 4

We were walking again, and went from one node to another.
"Schimmel," Telek said to me. He said he wouldn't tell anyone about Jarem/Sol. "An early twenty-first century artist."
We, seemingly, walked across water. Below us we saw dolphins. But below them we saw Earth, the stars, and a moon. Every once in a while we would see a dolphin jump from the water.
Telek loved Schimmel's art. I saw that in his mind, so I made a node environment for him. Everyone seemed unable to comprehend being able to walk on water. Jakal flew above, and Tigra, as a dolphin, swam below.
"Want to ride a dolphin?" I asked Telek.
"Would I?!" He replied, as a dolphin jumped up beneath him. He held on and went under.
I can breathe, he thought.
I looked up to see a Rider speeding across the surface. I froze. He grabbed his spear and struck. Jarem fell, dead.

The Rise of Sol March 2002 Jay Eff

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