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Rebellion of Five by Mol

Rebellion of Five

The story that reveals what happened between the Troika and the so-called were unable to evolve.

I was finally free from all the pain and suffering Earth had brought me. Free of the my past misfortunes. Free until the day that I burned in Hell. I'd been feeling better each and every day since I'd awakened from my hibernation. The air was musty, but it smelt good. It smelt like a fresh new start.

I am a remnant of the once dreadful planet known as Earth. One of the few handful of human beings that remained alive. Yes, I was alive, even after the destruction of Earth. Earth is dead, gone forever. It's the truth! I couldn't be any happier. Earth was a living hell for me. It was the worst place I'd ever been, and it was the worst times that I'd ever spent. My existed is astonishing. How could I be a survivor? I'll tell you how I did it. I survived from lying, from cheating, and deceiving people. I was always a master of deception. Always was, and would forever be.

I was chosen to board the space shuttle known as the Mayflower. It would be the last space shuttle to ever leave Earth, and I was on it. See, there was a incredible asteroid heading for Earth. Only eighty people had been chosen to carry on the human existence after Earth's destruction. I had been chosen for my scientifically knowledge and survival skills, which I didn't ever have. See, one of my fellow escapees was a remarkable computer hacker. He broke some computer codes, and changed all my records, including my name and occupation. Who would've though it would the key to my survival in the end. My key to escaping my troubles.

Aboard the Mayflower, there were eighty hibernation berths. The berths were what would've, or should've, kept us alive until the Mayflower found us a new destination, a place we could call home. What we discovered upon our awakening, was what we landed on was not a planet, but a ship. A massive ship in that. It was probably one-third the size of Earth. The Mayflower revealed our trip as being over 500 years long, and we were miles upon miles of returning to Earth.

The ship had recently returned to Earth, but it didn't bother me. It took six months to get back, but it was a sight to see. I'd gotten my first smile since I realized I was free. Earth was nothing more than a pile of ashes, a wasteland. It was just beautiful. Most of the other remnants had been left behind. Left stranded on the planet they referred to as their home. These remnants didn't even no of my existence.

The remnants being stranded back on Earth was the Troika's doing. Which I hated just as much as I once hated Earth. Three highly evolved humans that believed they were a superior council over the rest of us. They were called Amelia, Charlie, and Duncan. All of them, which were equally despised of by me. We had had our history, and a bad one at that. Before the stranded remnants had discovered the Troika, there had been more so-called missing remnants than just myself. There had been five of us. Five of us that were being forced to live under the Troika's direction, because we were not evolving like they were. We showed them. We rebelled in attempts to destroy them, but did little. I led them proudly. It was a good way to die. Dying honorably is always a good way to go, even if it's sad.

A few mutations in our little group of five had begun to develop. I was the first, by forming a magnificent mutation in my mind. A very powerful and useful one, at that. See, whoever I touch, I obtain their abilities. Perhaps their mutation, or a good sense of direction or leadership, whatever they had to offer. I'd acquire everything. Every last drop, including the bad. Danielle, one of us five and the most beautiful at that, was the next to gain a mutation. She could change her physical form. She could look like anyone she wanted. All she had to do was concentrate on a persons face, and become them. No limitations, no nothing. She could be whoever she wanted for an eternity, and change back if she ever got tired. Last but not least was Alex. He was a like something out of a bad science fiction movie. Apparently, a couple months before the Mayflower was to take off, Alex got in a bad car accident. His lower half of his body, from the waist down, was completely mechanical. His arms were even mechanical. I was dumbfounded that he had even survived. Alex's face looked normal, but he was forever blind. That was until his mutation began to form. Alex was now able to see everything, from miles upon miles away, just by thinking about it, in mental state. He was more aware of our surroundings then anyone else.

The others were Sebastian and Samantha, no relation. Sebastian was the youngest of all of us. He was only seventeen, and would have still been attending high school, if the world hadn't ended. Samantha was twenty-nine. She use to be an attorney, but wasn't any longer. Sebastian was very athletic, physically strong. He could probably take on quite a few regular people on his own. Samantha was the complete opposite. She was the least attractive person you could have every met. She was over weight, but too fat. Both of them had blonde hair and blue eyes. Both of them were a part of us five.

Our number of five has been reduced since our rebellion against the Troika. There is now only one. I am the only survivor of the Troika's rage. We thought we had the perfect plan, but we were wrong.

Our plan was simple: Alex would keep track of the Troika's location, while Danielle changed into Charlie, and pretended to had one of his nervous breakdowns to distract Duncan. This would single out Amelia, and make our fight a much easier one. Alex wasn't as aware as he should've been. He didn't see that creep, Charlie, sneak up behind him. Alex wasn't paying attention to the things close around him. His mind was farther away. Charlie attacked Alex. Alex died. Amelia and Duncan became aware of what was happening. Amelia turned in a pile of flesh-eating bacteria, and like a sea of nothingness she made her way over Samantha, and ate her alive. Sebastian tried to save Sam, but he was no match for Amelia. He suffered the same painful fate Sam had. Danielle was left for Duncan. I would rather not tell of her death. It was just too awful to speak of.

My survival was just plain luck. I used my mutation and searched through every ability I had gained from the Troika. I began to transform in the same pile of bacteria Amelia had. I escaped through some alien-made venting system. They knew I'd escaped, but they didn't care.

It's been five months since my rebellion with Troika, and only hours since the ship had left Earth. My four friends will always be on my mind, especially that of Danielle's. I've been nothing more than bacteria since the rebellion. Today was the day I would come back. Today was the day the Troika would be sorry. I would reveal myself to the remnants that stayed on the ship. I would tell them my story. I same story I am telling you.

I crept out of into an open area in the control room, and began to change back. The remnant, Yago, opened his mouth in shock.

"Amelia..." were the only worlds that came out of his mouth.

When my mouth formed, I spoke, "I am not Amelia. I am someone you've never met before. I am Gregory Hendrix." Yago jumped back in fear. "I am not part of the Troika you know. I am their enemy, and a strong one at that."

"You're an enemy of the Troika? How come they never mentioned you to me?" Yago complained.

"They have. You've just never listened."

"Are you stronger than the Troika?"

"I know I'm strong, but I don't know how strong. I never actually got a chance to fight them, but I know you hate them just as much. Rebel now. Join me," I whispered to him. "Duncan is listening. He is more confuse now then ever before, since he's never known my real name."

"Is this a joke? I've just took control of the ship. They can't stop me," Yago smirked.

"You're so naive, Yago. You don't control anything, because the Troika control you!" I yelled. Then began to whisper again, "Round up your followers. A war is beginning, and the only way for you to stay on top is to win. And the only way to win against the Troika is with the Blue Meanies. Find Tate, and find the Old Religion Blue Meanies. Tell them both of the Troika's plans. With our alliance, we will be superior. You will control everything."

I lied about the controlling everything, but it didn't matter. He was already hooked. My lies were gold. I, Gregory Hendrix, would reign supreme. I, Gregory the Fort Town Murderer, would be on top. I felt bad, but feeling bad felt so good...

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