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The Reincarnated Rider by Mol

The Reincarnated Rider

The untold story of Wylson Lefkowitz-Blake and Shy Hwang.

A huge wave had hit Wylson Lefkowitz-Blake, and she could no longer see. The water burnt her eyes a bit. She flew back, onto the floor of the U.S.S. Constitution. An alternative wave came up out of the ocean and over the rails of the ship. The wave grabbed Wylson by her feet, and she was pulled into the ocean.

Damn it, she thought, to righteous to cry for help, but what would crying have done anyway? She had submerged into the deep, keeping her eyes closed tightly. She couldn't breathe, but she wasn't about to panic, and you had to respect her for that. She felt her life fade away as she sunk. Wylson lost her grip, and the sea had claimed her life.

Shy Hwang and the others had decided to fire cannon balls at the Squids, in attempt to befriend the Blue Meanies. But things went dreadfully wrong. They accidentally, shot out a piece of the statue, which the Blue Meanies were protecting. Their mistake was fatal.

Their plan had back fired, and the Blue Meanies had attacked the Constitution. They shot away at the ship with their flechette-launchers. Kaboom!. The deck, next to Shy, had blown up. He peered up at the Blue Meanies, just as one of the Blue Meanies fired another flechette. The shrapnel poured upon Mr. Hwang. Kaboom...

Wylson opened her eyes, the burning had stopped, she could breathe again, but she was no longer in the sea. She was in some place with a hard floor, and in every direction she looked, all she saw white. White? Is this Heaven?

Shy flew back several feet. He had landed, flat on his face, and onto a white ground, the same white ground in which Wylson had landed on in another place? It now supported him. The loud blasts of the flechette-launchers were gone, now, and Shy felt some relief of about that. What the, Shy began to think. He stood up and looked around. The place that he was in, had a plain, white sky that looked like a blank sheet of paper. The ground matched the sky almost exactly, except the ground didn't flow like the sky. As far as Shy’s eyes could see, he saw nothing.

Wylson noticed something new, now. The sky had seemed to be getting closer to the ground, and at that moment Wylson stood satisfied. Or was it the ground getting closer to the sky? Wylson hadn't had a clue what this weird ship was doing to them, but she was about to find out.

The ground rose to bring Wylson through the clouds. Wylson opened her eyed and looked into the light…

Shy jumped back. Something was coming out of the ground. It had a head like a human, and hands like a human, but it was totally white. The creature, now, stood appeared absolute. It looked exactly like a human, only white. Shy thought to himself, if I'm stuck on a white world with white people, I'm going to die? How in the world am I suppose to see them coming, and especially in this place! In here, I'll stick out like the world’s tallest man in a swarm of midgets.

The white alien had rose entirely out of the ground and look intently at Shy. It spoke.

"Shy? Is that you?" It was Wylson. Shy knew exactly who it was when she spoke.

"Why are you white, Wylson?"

"What", Wylson said looking at her blanch hands, taking notice.

"You're completely white!" Shy looked her deep in her eyes, "where are we, Wylson, where are we?" The slant of Shy’s Asian eye gawked and shimmered at Wylson. It was beautiful moment.

"I dunno, but at least we're not dead."

I voice came from above them both, "Actually, you are."

"God? Is that God? Are we in Heaven?" Wylson looked up as high as she could.

"Not exactly. It's me, Mr. Weir!"

"Billy", Shy asked.

"We'll you can call me that, but I prefer Big Bill."

The ground rose up higher and higher until Shy and Wylson had been submerged into the clouds above. This was Wylson’s second time. When they arrived Big Bill was their to greet them. He was covered in white, as the two of them were, now.

"I'm sorry to say guys, but we are all dead."

"We'll then this must be Heaven, right," Shy asked.

"I'm sorry again, but no. This isn't Heaven. But it is some type of afterlife. Me and Errol had just arrived here. Just as we arrived, we witnessed a Remnant that was aboard the Mayflower, but got cheesed, go into a revival state."

"Errol?" Wylson asked.

"Revival state?" Shy replied to Big Bill, at the same time as Wylson. Big Bill looked sad, or maybe that was just his white skin reflecting off of the ground.

"Errol Smith was here before I. He had just passed back into life, though. At first we looked the same as we did before we died, but quickly we reached, what I'd like to call, the White Stage. Then Errol had became transparent. I call it the Revival State because shortly after this, he was reborn."

"So he's alive again?" Wylson asked.


"On Earth or on the ship?"

"On the ship."

"Then was he reborn as that baby of Tamara Hoyle?"

"No. Errol had became a Rider known as Errol Hadad-Chirismon. It seems that every time one of us dies, we become one of them. I thought I heard a man screaming when we first came upon this world, so there must be more humans on the ship, trying to look for the others."

"But you said you thought. So how could that even be possible. Either you know or you don‘t."

"We'll I know."

Shy asked the next question, "How many people?"

"I'd say about ten, maybe more, maybe less."

"Is there anyway that we can see what is going on, on the ship?”


Big Bill looked at Shy. Wylson guessed it was because he was worried about his daughter, as she was hers. They started to walk, but soon Big Bill had became transparent, as Errol had. He started to pass into life again.

Shy looked at Wylson, then back at Big Bill, "Big Bill how'd you know that Errol became a Rider?"

"I don't know. I think Billy read Moss...mi.." Big Bill's mouth had dissolved. He wanted to tell the others that Billy accessed Mothers mind, but it was to late. Big Bill disappeared completely…

Shy looked at Wylson. Wylson returned his look. The gulped at the same time. Wylson grabbed Shy and hugged him tightly. Her fear was starting to show...

Wylson and Shy finished their “touchy” moment. They started to dream and imagine about what it would be like to be a Rider, a Blue Meanie, or even a Squid. They dreamed for a long while, but they were still frightened…

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