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Sunny Sun, Sol, Eats World by Mol

Sunny Sun, Sol, Eats World

What happened to those thrown into the Sun. Set during the events of The Mayflower Project.

Alan Rain walked home from school. Slammit, as he liked to be called, was in a rush to get home because he needed to eat before his basketball game that evening. His friends chose the name for him last year when he won his team’s championship match.

When Slammit had got home, he flung his backpack into a chair in his living room. And turned on his computer. He waited a second or two for it to boot up, then connected to Webbervision, an online internet service.

The first thing he noticed was an instant message that appeared from his friend, Stain. It said for him to turn on his television to channel 698. He rose from his chair, and flicked on his television. Changing it from channel to channel, Slammit finally got channel 698.

He stood in terror as he watched a news anchor get crushed by some space junk. Then it showed cars be flipped upside down. This is insane Slammit thought to himself what the hell is going on? Another anchor appeared, and started to explain the situation. Slammit couldn’t believe his ears. He couldn’t believe what he was hearing. This was going to be Earth’s last days, his last days.

Five minutes pasted, and his front door flew open. His little brother, Max, came in crying. He told Slammit that he was scared. I don’t understand, what’s going on Max kept pondering in his head over and over again.

During school, Max’s friends were being taken out one at a time by their parents, and fast. It has frightened him. The Rain’s home was now silent. Two boys stared at each other. One fifthteen; One eleven; One Shocked; One Scared. No, that was wrong, they were both shocked and scared. They were in for the rides of their life, and what could they do about it?

Slammit and Max ran out side, and as fast as they could. They hadn’t had a clue where they were going, but they were panicking, and they let the panic lead them. On the way Slammit noticed one of his friend’s trying to catch up to him.

Her name was Skinnz, and she had no clue what her friend and his brother were doing. They slowed down, and she caught up.

“What are you doing, Slammit”, she asked as nice as she could.

He looked at her for a moment and spoke, “Skinnz, the world’s going to blow-up and I’m scared”.

“Well, If the world’s going to blow-up, where are you running to?”

Slammit slowed his pace to nothing. She was right, there was no place to hide. This was going to the end.

The three went to Skinnz’s garage. They talked until it was dark.

“What would you do if you could be saved?” Max asked.

“I’d get saved.” Slammit looked at Skinnz.

“I’d stay behind, and die with Earth.” Skinnz looked to Max.

“I’d go get saved, also. Your turn Slammit.”

“Um…how could be saved?”

“God.” Skinnz looked to Max

“You’d save me.” Max said.

“I’d think NASA could stop it, just like in that movie, Armageddon.”

They all nodded their head in agreement. It was now morning. The ground shook, in little Benzville, Pennsylvania, at that moment. It shook in a tremendous force, and it didn’t stop.

The Rock had hit, as did the Pebbles.

They walked out side and watched.

Meteorites were flaring down, out of the skies, and slamming into the surface. Max looked up in fright as he watch a meteor fall.

It fell at an incredible speed, and then Max’s life ended.

Slammit and Skinnz screamed as they watched Max’s body get smashed by the Pebble. The crunch, was something that they’d, both, never forget, for the rest of their ten minute lives.

They ran as fast as they could. Through a passage in the woods. The ground seemed to calm down. The shaking had reduced. But they were in for the most terrifying event of their lives.

They looked into the sky. It went from dark to light, over and over again. The chunk of earth that they were on was separated from Earth. They were being flung into outer space.

Two hours later, the ground melted. The sun got brighter, and their flesh was being melted right off of their bodies. They were wrong. They weren’t being thrown into outer space, but into the Sun! They laid on the ground, and cried. What could they do they both pondered. The answer was: nothing, nothing at all.

That was Earth’s last day. It was Slammit’s, Max’s, and Skinnz’s last day, too. Struck by an asteroid, Earth screamed. Meteors showered on towns and cities. Then Slammit and Skinnz had to go through the worst part of the event of the Rock. The part of Earth they were on was hurled into the Sun…

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