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No Mo by Mol

No Mo

A glimpse into the future of the lives of the Remnants. A dark and violent world in which Mo'Steel must live in.

Romeo Gonzalez woke up in a dark, cold place. His home. He scratched his head and looked around. The world was ugly. It was dirty. It was for scum. He didn't deserve it. But he surely got it.

He stood up. No clothes were on his body.

"Satin, you've been such a savage beast. But I am yours to command." Mo'Steel, as he preferred, walked into a dark cavern and bowed.

"Yesss you are," a voice spoke back to Mo'Steel. This was Satin.

After years of Mother's confusion, the Beast was born. Mother became obsolete. But the Beast had not. It had grown under the eyes of the Remnants. Ten years after the Remnants landed on the ship only five remained, one being Mo'Steel. Now, there was only two. And it was a year later.

The Beast decided to destroy all the Remnants that would not bend under his command. Two had agreed. They were separated. The beast would rule.

"What do you command of me today?"

"Go and find the weird one." Mo'Steel nodded. Silence happened for a few seconds. "Say it. Say it or die!"

"I will find they weird one, your greatness."

Mo'Steel got up and turned around. He was now Satin's slave. He had chosen it. Hadn't he? He had.

Mo'Steel walked into another cavern. He walked about twenty feet inside. He past the corpse of the women and her baby. He past the corpse of nine-fingered female. He past the corpse of his own mother. And finally he had found the weird one's corpse.

He picked up the corpse and returned to the Beast's lair.

He laid Billy Weir's corpse down before the Beast.

The body rose into the air. The twenty-six year old eyes of Mo'Steel watched. The body began to grow flesh. The body was being repaired! Put back together!

In less than a second Billy had been resurrected! He now was alive again. Although, Billy still appeared to look twelve, he was 526, as Mo'Steel was.

"I am Satin the Great. Welcome to my lair, Billy. I have come to make a deal with you." Mo'Steel was pushed out of the cavern. Doors closed. Mo'Steel was locked out. And Billy was locked in. Locked in with the Devil.

Two minutes later, the doors opened again. Billy walked out.

"Hello Mo," Billy said.

"Oh, my, God.," Mo'Steel screamed. He jumped back. Billy's eyes were completely red. He had been possessed.

"What'sa matter, friend?"



"Then who?"



"Yes. Billy. Billy the Antichrist."

Mo'Steel punched Billy in the face.

"This is not how it ends. I didn't choose to become a slave! I was blackmailed!" Mo'Steel struck him to the ground. He repeatedly slammed his head into the ground.

"Hah. Hah hah hah hah hah ha...." Billy laughed. He flew up in to the air and wailed a human impossible scream. Mo'Steel was knocked down to the ground.

Billy hovered over Mo'Steel. He raised his hand to Mo's throat and spoke.

"I am Billy. The new and improved Billy. I am better and faster. I am more agilic and stronger. I am immortal. As you were."


"Don't worry, Mo. You didn't keep your end of the bargain. Jobs is good as dead, now."

Billy tore away Mo'Steel's neck. It was harsh. Mo'Steel was dead.

Billy hovered straight up now. Up into the sky. Farther. Way farther than the eye could see...

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