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Gli Esseri Umani Maledetti by Mol

Glie Esseri Umani Maledetti
The Cursed Human Beings

What if the Remnants weren’t the only humans to live? What if some others had also lived? Well, guess what? It happened...

The Rock had annihilated Earth. It had shattered the exquisite, blue planet into three major pieces...

The first shard from Earth, the largest, had been projected into the Sun, and burnt into a crisp, killing all that had lived on it. The Sun had engulfed this shard from Earth, and spit out its remains. The shard continued on with its path into outer space as a fireball, which eventually destroyed an entire planet, as the Rock had done to it. After it’s collision with the planet, the first shard had frozen, and drifted into more unknown territory of space. The shard has been lost since, and its history couldn’t be followed.

The subsequent shard had been sustained and stayed in the same orbital path as Earth had once done. The Solar System, the galaxy in which the shard was in, didn’t die like a normal galaxy. Actually, it had been consumed by a black hole. This black hole had also destroyed Earth’s second shard by sucking it in and compressing it. The black hole had occurred thirty years after Earth’s destruction. If the Rock would have missed, the Earth was still to be doomed. And if this had occurred, by the time NASA would have found out, there would be no chance of escape. Most expectations point to human life still surviving, until the black hole’s destruction of Earth. Others believe that the human beings of this shard had also died with the planet.

This only leaves one shard left, the smallest shard, the final shard. The final shard had been hurled into outer space, and frozen. As the time passed the shard’s speed had been decreased. It had in time drifted for three hundred years, until it finally had reached a new galaxy to exist in. The shard had been attracted to a planet in the galaxy and it started to revolve around it, like a moon. Fifty years later, the shard had been thawed and its former habitants had been revived.

The third shard had been named Nuovo Inizio, which meant, “new beginning” in Italian. It was named by the first human to be entirely revived. His named was Xiomar Umbro, a name that was as pure Italian as his blood was. He gained all kind of respect, on the account that he was the first human being to be revived. Actually, since he was the first human to be revived, he lied about his revival and told the later survivors about how God had chosen him to guide the people of Nuovo Inizio into peace and harmony under his command.

Xiomar was twenty-seven years old and had a great smile. His hair was curly and he had a mustache. It was also black, and his eyes were brown. Xiomar had become some kind of God to the people.

He started to give everything Italian names. It had become his duty. The first shard had been named Sole Bruciato, which meant, “Sun burnt”. The second shard had been named Viaggiatore, which meant “Traveler”, on the account that he thought the shard had been thrown into space, as Nuovo Inizio had. And he named the survivors, the “Resti”, which meant “Remnants”. He had even named himself, Dio. Nuovo Inizio was his domain, his to rule, and his to conquer. Dio was to grow ultimate power!

Two hundred years had passed, and Dio had passed many years before. Only less than a million of the Resti lived. Nuovo Inizio was expected to die out years back, but it hadn’t. Nuovo Inizio started with a foggy atmosphere that originated from the planet it revolved around. The planet’s name was Pianeta Reale, which meant "royal planet" in Italian. The fog eventually turned Nuovo Inizio into a very watery sort of moon.

The chosen language of the Resti had become English, but many still spoke in Spanish, and everything was written in Italian. Dio, formally known as Xiomar, had many children that kept taking his place on the thrown. He told the Resti, his Schiavi, that any descendants of his would obtain his right to rule after he passed into the afterlife, and so it was law. It was granted. Currently, the thrown belonged to his now-to-be triple great grandson, Dio-Cinque Umbro.

Dio-Cinque was twenty-three. He had blonde hair that had come from his mother's section. Dio-Cinque had white eyes that made his anatomy of his eyes appear to have no pupils. This was a mystery to his genetics, but no one could care less about it, though. He wasn't very tall, but he was very eager. Eager to have whatever he could his hands on. If a "Dio" wanted a girl, that girl would become his. This was just the way things were.

Dio-Cinque had found a girl that he wanted desperately. And her name was Speranza Esperanza. She was very beautiful. She had light brown hair, and radiant, blue eyes. She was about five foot five, and she walked like an angel, or so Dio-Cinque had thought. Speranza insisted on being called Hope. Her wish was granted by Dio-Cinque.

Hope's father was Hispanic and so was her last name. Her mother was American, but her first name had to be Italian. This was the Law of the Dio: a Resti living on Nuovo Inizio must have an Italian name, but may be permitted to keep their father's last name. Her parents had decided to name her "hope" in Italian because her last name had also meant "hope".

Dio-Cinque had demanded Hope, and she was his. Only one had truly loved her, though, and didn't just want her for sexual reasons. The only one was Aumento All'Estinzione. He was nineteen years old and had black hair. He went by the name Avenger since the day Hope had become Dio-Cinque's. He was an orphan all of his live. His parents left him when he was younger. They told the orphanage that his name was to be Aumento All'Estinzione because it meant, "rise to redemption", as what he was to do.

A secret feud was going on between Dio-Cinque, Avenger, and Hope, a feud that was to be resolved by the most unlikely of all.

Dio-Cinque had grown into his surroundings. He enjoyed the prostitution and the ability to rule. Nuovo Inizio, Earth's last, had become a "slave world", a terrible world of slaves. The world was crazy, and full of hate. Avenger was to rise, and he was to redeem himself and his people.

Dio-Cinque walked down his manor, and into the Impressionante Sea. Hope was with him. They had gone to bath. In the age that they were in, some old customs of Earth could not survive, such as plastic and concrete. They had bared their clothes and swam out into the sea. Dio-Cinque had begun to hug Hope. His intentions weren’t in bathing.

Nearby Avenger had hid. He watched the two. He watched Dio-Cinque begin to kiss Hope. Hope hated it, but she had to let a "Dio" do as he pleased or else she'd be killed. This was another law. And now, Dio-Cinque was doing something that would be considered rape back on Earth, back on old Blue.

Avenger thought to himself, if there are only a few Dii on Nuovo Inizio, and if I killed him and assassinated the rest, then maybe the Law of the Dio would also become obsolete. Avenger grabbed his knife, and slipped into the water. He held his breath as he swam all the way under the water to Dio-Cinque and Hope.

Hope cried, but Dio-Cinque had seen it as sign of enjoyment. Hope had wished for him to die and die he did. At that moment of her plead Avenger rose out of the water and stabbed his knife into Dio-Cinque's back. He'd removed his knife and stabbed Dio-Cinque again. He had repeated the process over and over again. Dio-Cinque died and then sank to the bottom of the sea.

Avenger spoke, "I am Aumento All'Estinzione, but you may call me Avenger."

Hope replied, "I am Speranza Esperanza, and you may call me Hope."

"I know your name. I've loved you at first sight, and I couldn't let a Dii do that to you. No matter what powers a man may have, no one deserves that!"

"I thank you for it."

"Maybe sometime we could do something, but I am sorry. Right now, I've started something that I must finish. If you'd wish to join, I'd be glad to take you with me."

"What is your something, sir?"

"To kill all of the Dii. And finish the Law of the Dio"

"Then I will be off with you. There‘s nothing I can do anyway. I will be put on a death list, when Dio-Cinque is accounted for as missing."

"Since there are only three Dii left, we will head for Dio-Quattro first!"

"You forget something there aren’t three Dii. There are six Dii: Dio-Quattro, Dio-Perfetto, Dio-Scossa Dell'Occhio, Dio-Grande, Dio-Sorte Avversa, and Dio-Terra."

"Then we must destroy every last one!"

"We will succeed!"

The two hugged each other and walked onward, and out of the Sea. Hope grabbed her clothes and the two continued their walk into the dusk.

Personal Note: There are a lot of Italian translations in this Fan Fiction. Try and figure them out, such as Xiomar’s chosen name, Dio. It may be fun.

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