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Bye Bye Billy 2: Miserable Endeavors by Mol

"The Flower, Coffee, and Lizard of Weird..."

The continuing story of what would happen if Billy Weir had passed after hibernation.

Violet was scared. She was on the shoulder of a Rider. The Rider's speed kept increasing to stay with it's clan. Violet's hair blew in the wind. The wind was wild and her eyes began to water. Another Rider hovered up to the Rider which carried her. They made some foreign grunts, and then the two went off to the side. The Rider that carried Violet was angered by the newcomer, but he still followed...

D-Caf walked with Edward, Chameleon as he liked to be called. They were very shook up by the massacre that occurred. Why did this have to happen? Edward thought Why did it have to happen to Sebastian? D-Caf peered over his shoulder and saw the deflated Blimp surrounded by the corpses of the Remnants. No. They weren't the Remnants anymore, only D-Caf and Edward were. They knew that they were going to be the last of their species. They were the only ones and there wasn't even a fem in sight...

Chirismon Hadad-Chirismontak held the human close to him. The leader of the Hardsweaki clan had ordered him to discuss the fate of the human's life. He was angered because they decided to kill the human beings and Chirismon had chosen to spare one for his own purposes.

(The Speech of the Riders has been translated into English.)
"Sir, Hadad-Chirismontak reporting as ordered, sir," Chirismon spoke. His "thinking" head gazed at the Hardsweaki leader.

"Hadad-Chirismontak, you have denied a direct order! What do you have to say for yourself?" The Hardsweaki crossed his arms and tapped his long fingers on his own elbow. Chirismon showed no fear. He just stood erect and answered his superior as he had been taught.

"Sir, I have chosen to intercept and capture this species to try and communicate with it. Possibly its meaning of existence has been misinterpreted."

"Hadad-Chirismontak, you may keep the species if you agree to be under surveillance. Do you agree?"

"Sir, yes, sir!"

"Dismissed!" Chirismon turned away, and hovered off. The human he was holding had larger eyes than before. He knew that he had frightened it, and he didn't want to do that.

D-Caf looked towards Edward and decided to speak, hopefully calming Edward down a bit.

"Chameleon, I'm sorry about what happened to Jobs. I know what it's like. What it's like to lose a brother."

Edward looked up at D-Caf, and he started to cry. After he calmed down some, he spoke back, "My brother was all I had. He was it after my parents died. And now, I'm by myself."

"No. You're not by yourself. I'm with you. I'm your brother now, Ed, I am. Jobs is dead, and he may have been your brother by blood, and he may have loved you with all his heart, but Ed I'm your brother by love. I'm your brother now! I'm going to be your brother until the end. Until the very end. We'll survive for each other. Survive to to be there for the other."

"Do you mean that D-Caf? Do you really mean it? Do you promise me?"

"I promise. And you don't have to call your bro D-Caf. You call him Harlin."

"I thought you hated that name?"

"I did. Back when I was on Earth, I did."

Violet wanted to escape. Get away. She couldn't. Chirismon held her tight and now she was done. She had given up and let the Rider take her where it pleased. Another Rider followed them. It didn't fly close for conversation, but it stayed a distance to keep an eye on Chirismon and Violet.

After a few minutes Violet, Chirismon, and the rest of the Riders came upon a new node. A node with lots of water, and statues in it. Violet had only seen the node for a few seconds. She recognized that statues, but she didn't care. The Riders started to scream and yell. They turned right and continued on with their journey.

Hours passed and Chirismon and Violet had reached a cave. They went inside and Chirismon had taken Violet off of his shoulder and put her on the ground.

D-Caf and Edward came upon another node. This was the creepiest of all the nodes. Two-Dimensional men ran in terror from Two-Dimensional demons.

The demons were completely black. They had pointed fingernails. Pointed ears, teeth and toes. They had no wings, but had the capabilities to fly. Some carries long spears and others did not.

D-Caf turned to run. But a wall behind them had appeared and he and Edward were trapped.

The skin of a human man hung on the side of the wall. It hung, but it was still alive.

"Help me!" the skin yelled.

D-Caf grabbed Edward and they started to run as fast and far as they could. As they ran, they just had gotten deeper into the ground and closer to the center of the node.

They ended up at the base of an underground lake. Boats floated into the middle of the lake. Aboard the boats, demons abused men stripped of their clothes. One man was ripped out of his boat by tentacles. The tentacles strung the man to a bolder and constricted him. The man didn't die. D-Caf and Edward were in Hell.

Sistine Chapel of the Vatican had painted the node that they were in. Edward and D-Caf would need to thank him, if they ever escaped. The Damned was the name of the painting. The name of the Hell. Violet would have known, but she was already dead...

You need a mind to live and Violet had lost hers. She went mental. Crazy. How could she have guessed that Mother would let her live for seventeen more years. Seventeen more years of long, hard abuse. Chirismon was killed for disobedience. He had tried to get Violet to escape after he became attached to her. She was slaughtered also for trying to escape.

D-Caf had been tied to rock and thrown into the lake. He sunk to the bottom, where he still is now. The Hell was his permanent home, and he wasn't aloud to die, just suffer. As for Edward. Edward had hid for many years. Waiting for the opportunity to strike to save D-Caf, but Edward had passed. He died when his stomach needed fuel and his body could no longer run.

D-Caf waited. He waited for billions of years. He had truly went insane. More insane than Billy Weir would have, if he survived. D-Caf would soon meet the only other Remnant alive. A Remnant that wasn't completely human...

Personal Note: If anyone has any ideals for a Remnants related Fan Fiction, please e-mail me. I may write it! Anyway, the subtitle "The Flower, Coffee, and Lizard of Weird" refers to the three Remnants I wrote about in this story. The flower is Violet. The coffee is D-Caf. And the Lizard is Chameleon. This is also a continuation of "Bye Bye Billy", incase the story made no sense. If you see any mistakes in any of my Fan Fics, also, e-mail me. I can fix them. Thanks for reading...

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