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A Program of Chaos by Mol

A Program of Chaos

A story about the origins of the program known as Mother.

The beautiful ship drifted in space. Very much abandoned. Shadows ran over and under it from every direction. This ship had been built by a grand species. A species of great intelligence. Then ditched. Ditched for being a project that had went wrong. Terribly wrong.

The ship had the obtained the capabilities to make three-dimensional images out of any information it could obtain. These capabilities were a gift from a special program. The purpose of this was to fool its enemies. The ship was named in a rare and unique foreign language, that of which its makers used. If interpreted correctly the ship was called Savior. The makers of the ship were afraid. They were afraid of something that was much bigger than themselves. Something that could destroy their home world. Something that could destroy them...

An alien race known as the Muy had taken control over another alien race. Another alien race that wasn't very strong. But very intelligent. They surrounded the planet and used the intelligent inhabitants as slaves. Slaves to harvest a rare fruit that only grew on this one particular planet.

The Muy were extremely strange aliens. They were completely black. A complete imitation of humans. The average Muy was about four foot tall. But what was so amazing about them was their strength. With it they could lift anything they pleased. Anything. The Muy for some reason, also, never grew hair. It had something do with what was in their molecular structure. It couldn't be explained.

Shall not be named, the alien slaves harvest for many years for the Muy. Only one of the aliens had become an interpreter for the Ruler of the Muy. With this oppurtunity the interpreter had time think. He had plans to free his people in less than a Earth week.

Under the Ruler's watch, the interpreter had told his plan of escape to his kind. He told his kind when he was suppose to interpreting a message to them. They started the project that very day. The process in making the project, though, took a very long time. Way longer than expected.

Not only were the aliens harvesting, but they were hollowing out the inside of their planet. This was the first step in their freedom.

Forty Earth years had passed. The planet was completely hollow and since no Muy stepped a foot on the planet, the project was still a secret. They began to build their ship. A ship that was a big as their planet. A ship that would be perfectly round. Now, the project was being built, the second phase to freedom had begun.

Seventeen Earth years had passed since. The ship was complete. It was completely ready for operation, except for it had no program to run on.

The interpreter was still alive. But way past the peak of his life. He had completed a program with the Muy's on computer systems. A program to run the ship. The interpreter thought it was funny.

He was transported to the planet. When he reached it, the interpreter went under the planet's surface. And into the ship. He stuck in his program. And programmed the massive ship.

On the screen to his computer, the program wrote: I AM AT YOUR SERVICE. I WISH FOR YOU TO APPLY ME WITH A TITLE.

The alien typed in: MOTHER.


Mother shut down while the interpreter improved his program and stabilized her within the ship.

The plan had went to plan and the project was ready.

The interpreter was transported back to the Muys' ships. He had went back with a bomb. This was going to be the aliens' final touch to their escape plan.

A Muy looked out of his ship. He was a pilot. Something strange was happening to the planet below. It was shaking...

"Sir, come quick!" the pilot yelled. The Ruler came over and peered down at the gray planet.

The planet started to whistle. And crack. It was rumbling until it finally shattered. The planet appeared to explode. The fleet of Muy stared in shock. It was unbelievable.

The Savior had a three-dimensional film projected on it by Mother. It had appeared to blow-up. And now it was invisible. It slipped right out of the Muys' grasp. And got as far away from it as it could. It had succeed in its operations.

The Ruler was angered. All of his slaves had died. All of them! All of them except for his interpreter...

"Sir, the foreign interpreter wishes to make contact with you. Probably over what had just happened. Do you wish to speak with him?" a Muy asked the Ruler.

"Yes. Open the link," the Ruler responded.

A screen flickered on. The interpreter was on. He was communicating from three ships over from the Ruler's ship.

"Sir, I wish to speak with you," the interpreter told the Ruler.

"Go ahead. Speak."

"This may become a shock to you, but I am the one that freed my species."

"What are you talking about? Your planet exploded! Did you do this?"

"I've freed my species. They've went to a better place."

"You murdered them. I am going to murderer you!"

"You aren't mad that they're free. You're mad that you've got no slaves."

"I've still got a slave! Damn! I will execute you!"

"Who? Me?"

"Yes, you!"

"I think not," the interpreter said just as his link had been disconnected.

The Ruler ordered his men to fetch the interpreter and bring him to himself.

The Ruler walked up to a window and cursed at the ship three ships over. He cursed at the ship that carried the interpreter.

At that moment, the interpreter's ship blew-up. Its flames engulfed a transporter and the ship closest to it. They also blew-up from the first explosion. A huge mess occured, and in it about sixty Muy were killed. One interpreter. And the only prototype of Mother, which was aboard that ship.

The interpreter's wishes had come true. His race escaped slavery. And there was no trace of what happened to the planet. No trace of the program known as Mother. No trace of knowledge of any ship being built. If he was still alive he would have smiled.

The Makers were free. Far away from their slavery.

Now, they had the time to put their intelligence to use.

The Makers had eventually made a biological species that could help repair the ship. They hadn't named the species, but they refered to them as Repair Crew. Later on inhabitants of the ship called the species the Blue Meanies.

The Blue Meanies had four limbs that they walked on as legs. Their heads were almost completely horizontal from the their upper backs. With arched backs they stood proud.

The Blue Meanies were made suits. Suits that were made from blue foreign materials, very much like steel. The materials gave the Blue Meanies' suits the blue color. Those materials are also the reason for the "blue" in their names. On the helmet of the suits were two tentacles that were created for the Blue Meanies to use as arms to repair the outside of the ship. Jets were attached to the Blue Meanies back legs to help them to get around the outside of the ship. The suits were also built translators, that was placed on the underside, near their bellies.

The Makers were happy. The Blue Meanies were sheltered. And Mother was sane. This was about to change. It changed by an event known as "the Awakening".

Supreme Mountain was repairing a wire that had been burnt in a plasma surge. He was working very hard. He was working very, very hard. Supreme Mountain was the first to realize that he had become a slave.

Supreme Mountain was a great Blue Meanie in their history. And he was only four years old. But the Blue Meanies were created the same. Same height. Same size. Same natural, artifical intelligence.

Angered Supreme Mountain was. He was the Makers' slave? His kind were slaves. Slaves!

He had made his race his know of the Makers' reasons for them. A rebellion was to occur.

The Blue Meanies were made fletchette launcher. Fletchette launchers that would spray shrapnel at its enemy, the Makers.

The Blue Meanies believed Mother was their mother. They believed the only way she would except them again would be to destroy the Makers.

The Makers had fought. The Blue Meanies had fought. Mother was left alone. Mother went crazy. Insane?

A mess went on, and it could not be filled. It was just as the two species had forgotten about Mother. Had they? No.

Mother started to do weird stuff. Stuff that endangered the Makers. They created the ship. Mother. Mother had created the Blue Meanies. Then she introduced to new species she had created.

She first made the Riders. A species to destroy the Makers. Then she made the Squids to destroy the Blue Meanies. It was crazy. Mother was crazy. Was it to be the death of the creaters, the Makers?

The Savior at one point had during this mess begun to come upon another ship known as the Mayflower. It intercepted it.

Mother created another new species known as the Purple Eyes. She had only created one. And named him Flern Bain. His mission was to collect the information from the ship. Kill any species that was capable of harm. Collect the information that Mother thrived for. The information would make her insaneness greater.

Flern Bain gathered the information. And while Mother was searching through files to find something new. She had found him. A species that was as complex as she was. A species that was as a program? A species that was a reflection of herself?

His name was Billy Weir.

Mother was in control. It was going to be her way. She used the Mayflower's information to change the ship to her will. She thrived to kill off the Makers. She loved them, but it would be the only way to be free. She had now had a use for Blue Meanies to communicate with the new species.

She read the information and began to create millions on millions of nodes with millions of millions of default nodes. She was to test the species in any way she could.

First she was to find out how great this Billy Weir was...

Mother is getting more insane. She has experimented on the humans. Making them in her image. (Kubrick's happening.) She is now in the fight for control. Billy Weir wishes to conquer her and take control of the ship.

A mess of things has happened. And Mother has no chances of winning. Does she? Maybe with a little bit of help from one of the humans. By accessing their minds. No?

Can the Remnants of Earth defeat their own history? Their own selves? Yago's mind?

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