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The Rise of Sol: Part One by Jay Eff

The Rise of Sol

Part I

Chapter 1
-I am Sol-

Robotic arms were moving all around. Computer screens flashed with the insane programming. Mother was making a sort of copy. A less powerful form of herself. She had grabs a creature from her new data, and made a perfect projection of it. She made some slight modifications, and then made the creature real. The organs started to work and she rested.
The little creature looked around, and sort of laughed. It sat up and stared at the computer, concentrating hard. The computer screen started to change before the creatures eyes, and there on the screen was a image of more creatures, somewhat like itself, but not. They walked errect, and veried in color. They seemed to each be colored differently in different sections.
"Your name is to be Sol," said the computer, and the creature jumped back. "I have made you to watch them."
Sol looked at the screen once more, and then concentrated and teleported into the world that had just, seconds ago, been displayed on the computer in front of him.
I am Sol, he thought, and laughed.

Chapter 2
-Anything you can throw, I can counter.-

Sol climbed and jump along threw the trees. He was following a small group of Remnants as he had heard them call themselves. These were the few that had just been released from Mother's basement. About eight of them just walking close together. Sol reached out and tapped into one of their minds'. Jakal was his name. That is what I saw at first, at least. It was some sort of "cover name". His real name was Jacques Bieux. His family, which had died back on something called Earth, was French. Jakal was 16 years old, not old for a Remnant. Wait, he was a human. Humans were the inhabitants of this Earth. A planet. It was distroyed by an asteroid, along with about 7 billion humans.
Hello, Jakal, I spoke into his mind. He stopped and looked around.
"Who said that? Guys? Did you here that?" he start rambling.
I am Sol, I said to him. I don't mean to scare you.
"Where are you?" he yelled.
"Stop yelling, you fool." One of the other Remnants said to him. "That murderous computer might hear you."
"You saw those computers, Tigra. That computer could probably hear everything going on on this ship," Jakal yelped back, as Tigra started growing claws.
I tapped into Tigra's mind and stopped the claws. Or tryed. She started to grow black and orange fur everywhere. Her face grew out, and she fell to all-fours. She had totally change form.
You don't threaten me, Jakal, I heard from Tigra's mind.
Jakal lifted his hands and the animal that Tigra had become flew up into the air, and stopped. Jakal's eyes rolled back into his head. Tigra started shaping back to her human body.
"Anything you can throw, I can counter," Jakal said harshly, once Tigra was back to her full human body.
"Stop this nonsence," a new Remnants came forward. An older one. He had a scar across his face. "Let's get moving, again."
"Yah, let's," Jakal said in reply.
These were powerful beings, and I was to be more powerful if I was to watch them.

Chapter 3
-"My name is Jarem," I said through the human's mouth, and laughed at the voice.-

I concentated on the projecters below and projected a human in front of the tree I was in. I put on "clothes" like the ones the Remnants were wearing. I concentrated and made a bag, like the one on Jakal's back. I concentrated and the human opened the bag and I jumped from the tree and landed in the bag.
Over the past couple of days I have observed the Remnants and learned how they moved, interacted, and communicated. I had created a human projection and been learning to move it like the Remnants had moved. I made a backpack, slightly different than Jakal's, big enough for me to get into.
I searched Mother's database for a name I could use. An Earth name would be good. I looked for a name with relevence. Jarem. Yes.
"My name is Jarem," I said through the human's mouth, and laughed at the voice.

The Rise of Sol March 2002 Jay Eff

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