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Looking Back
  D-Caf looks back and reflects on all what has happened to him ever since the ReGreening.
by Charmed Ravenclaw
Where Happened to the Dinosaurs?
  Set after, the failed attempt to rescue Cordelia, Jobs reads a book to Edward
by Charmed Ravenclaw
Meant to Be?
  Was the asteroid an accident? Or did someone target it towards us?
by Charmed Ravenclaw
The Rise of Sol: Part One
  Mother creates a "spy" to watch her remnants...
by Jay Eff
The Rise of Sol: Part Two
  Continuation of The Rise of Sol
by Jay Eff
  what if yago had an extremly powerful assitant
by Luckie
Cassidy chapter 2
  join me
by Luckie
The Ultimate Rush for Existence
  Four Remnants have survived the Rider Attack, unbeknownst to Jobs and the others. They now thrive to survive from a new breed of alien...This is their story.
by Mol
The Ultimate Rush for Existence 2
  The Four Surviving Remnants of the Rider Attack are now each completely alone. With a turn of events, each is granted a terrifying trip to see the ship through new eyes...
by Mol
No Escape
  Set between the events of The Mayflower Project and Destination Unknown.
by Mol
Slave Cry
  Tamara's prospective of the Baby.
by Mol
The Last of the Last
  Set during the events of book #3, Them.
by Mol
The Last of the Last 2: Departure of the Freaks
  The continuing tale to "The Last of the Last".
by Mol
The Last of the Last 3: Eight Freaks
  Set right after the events of "Departure of the Freaks". Intertwines with "The Reincarnated Rider".
by Mol
A Program of Chaos
  A story about the origins of the program known as Mother.
by Mol
Bye Bye Billy
  What would happen if Billy Weir hadn't survived the Mayflower's voyage?
by Mol
Bye Bye Billy 2: Miserable Endeavors
  The continuing story of what would happen if Billy Weir had passed after hibernation.
by Mol
Bye Bye Billy 3: The Legacy of D-Caf and the Last Remnant
  The story of what happens to D-Caf after his escape from the lake.
by Mol
Cordelia Lives?
  What if Cordelia survived the San Francisco Pebble? What if she found a way to board the Mayflower, to be with Jobs?
by Mol
Gli Esseri Umani Maledetti
  What if the Remnants werenÝt the only humans to live? What if some others had also lived? Well, guess what? It happened...
by Mol
No Mo
  A glimpse into the future of the lives of the Remnants. A dark and violent world in which Mo'Steel must live in.
by Mol
Sunny Sun, Sol, Eats World
  What happened to those thrown into the Sun. Set during the events of The Mayflower Project.
by Mol
The Reincarnated Rider
  The untold story of Wylson Lefkowitz-Blake and Shy Hwang.
by Mol
Rebellion of Five
  The story that reveals what happened between the Troika and the so-called were unable to evolve.
by Mol
Freak Vs. Freak
  The story of what takes place between Kubrick and Charlie, before KubrickÝs demise.
by Mol
Beyond All Others
  The story of the Troika's inauguration.
by Mol
  The story of a boy that discovers that his web site has more truth to it that meets the eye.
by Mol
Kar's Story: Another Conspiracy
  The story of compute hacker Carson Hensler and his involement in the Remnants Conspiarcy.
by Mol
by monkeydude
by RenoN

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