Remnants Terms
List up to Book #14's Epilogue
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Alpha: A cultured civilization consisting of people whose relatives survived The Rock.
Attbi: A deserted planet that has no life on it.
Attic: The part of Mother that is above the environments.
Basement: The part of Mother that is underneath the environments.
Berth: An individual pod with Plexiglas that contains hibernation equipment for the 80 people on the Mayflower.
Big Compromise: Agreement the Remnants made with the Blue Meanies and Riders that prevents them from changing Mother's path or invading the other species' territories.
Billyville: Another name for the Zone.
Bright Zone: The hot part of Earth that contained bubbling, boiling seas.
Cartoon: A fake human created by Mother.
Cheese: A moldy person who didn't survive hibernation.
Constitution: The ship that the Remnants sailed through the sea in.
Crater: A person killed by micrometeorities during hibernation.
Dark Place: The part of Mother where the Troika live. Also known as the Dark Zone.
Dark Zone: The part of Earth that was incredibly dark and cold.
Daughter: A program created by Duncan to replace Mother's programming.
Deader: Someone who didn't survive hibernation.
Default Environment: The environment in Mother when the nodes are not in use.
Dream Storm: Strange storms on Earth that cause people to have hallucinations.
Eighty: The eighty people who went on the Mayflower.
Facelift: a person who had been dried out, stretched, and became nothing but parchment skin over skeletons during hibernation.
Ford Libertad!: A computer operated car with many different features.
Janes: a group of girls who attempt to revive the old Victorian lifestyle, idea by Jane Austen.
Link: A communication device used by most people.
Marauders:An uncultured civilization consisting of people whose relatives survived The Rock.
The Mayflower: a ship with hibernation equipment that was launched as a last attempt for human survival.
The Mayflower Project: an attempt to save 80 humans by launching them into a ship with hibernation equipment.
Missing Eight: The eight living people who were taken from the Mayflower.
Missing Five: The five people who did not make the transition of the Troika. These five people lived inside of Billy.
Mo'Run: an extreme ride created for Mo'Steel in the Zone.
Mother: The advanced ship that has emotions.
Muse: A Blue Meanie that can sense Mother's emotions.
Node: A device that projects an environment.
Pebble: A small piece of the Rock that destroyed San Francisco and Cordelia.
Pillar of Recurrence: The tall statue in the sea that the Blue Meanies worship
Pipe: An extreme ride at Six Flags.
Quorum: The government system of the Blue Meanies.
Regreening: The ritual that restored life to Earth.
Remnants: The people who survived hibernation.
Rock: The asteroid that destroys Earth.
Savager: A civilization more uncultured than the Marauders consisting of people whose relatives survived The Rock.
Shadow Zone: Part of Earth between the Dark Zone and the Bright Zone that was average climate and could support life.
Ship: The large ship that the Remnants are in.
Sink: The launching point of the Pipe.
Source: An ancient spot on Earth that the Marauders worship. The Source is truly the crashed ship called Mother.
Three Elements: The three elements that will start the Regreening.
Time: The time when the Regreening takes place.
Touch: The action that Yago does to Blue Meanies, provides Blue Meanies with pleasure.
True Path: The path that Yago leads with his Blue Meanies as his followers.
Troika: Amelia, Charlie, and Duncan; The three Mayflower passengers that went through a transition and receieved mutations.
Waker: Someone who survived hibernation.
Wormer: Someone who has the Worms inside of them.
Zone: The portion of Mother that Billy costumized for the Remnants.

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