Character List
List up to Book #14's Epilogue
183 total

Jobs: One of the main characters. Name after Steve Jobs. Mo'Steel calls him Duck.
Tony Andreeson: Bought Jobs Libtertad. Jobs dad.
Professor Jennifer Andreeson: Jobs mum. Head of astrophysics at Stanford.
Cordelia: Jobs love interest. Kissed Jobs in gym. Died watching over San-Fransisco bay. Aletered the world of asteroid.
Mo'Steel: Real name is Romeo Gonzalez. Friends with Job. Into extreme sports. Lots of broken bones.
Mark: Brother of D-Caf. His described as brilliant. Tried to get onto the ship, but gets shot by Tamara Hoyle.
D-Caf: Brother of Mark. Tried to go with him to get onto the ship. Survived but brother shot.
Watcher 27@DSA: Said "Nice Try" to jobs when Jobs tried to send an IM with a virus to Mo'Steel.
Billy Weir: Strange. Quit. Lived in Austin, Texas.
Billy Weir Father: Was a guerrilla fighter and the Russians did not like him.
Big Bill: Billy Weir Step Father. Told Billy about the rock. Real name is William Weir
Billy Weir Mother: Billy Weir Mother. Loved her son. Had to give him up. Born in some sort of 'war'.
Jessica: Billy Weir Adopted Mother.
Had to give him up. Born in some sort of 'war'.
Cordelia’s father: Going to use stung gun on Jobs for breaking into there house.
2Face: Real name is Essence Hwang. Half of her face is ruined from terrible fire. Asian.
Dawn Schulz-Hwang: 2Faces mum. Holds hands with 2Face after the San Fransisco collision.
Shy Hwang: 2Faces dad. Holds hands with 2Face after the San Fransisco collision. Tells 2Face about accident.
Edward: Jobs little brother. Also looks upset about Cordelia. Mutated in hibernation, has the abilities to camouflage with his surroundings. He calls himself the Chameleon.
Olga Gonzalez: Mo'Steels mum
Mo'Steel Dad: No known info.
Special Agent Paul Boxer: Watching jobs along with around another dozen agents. In charge of some FBI agents. Looking for Mark and D-Caf.
Yago: Son of president. Naughty. 15 years old. Selfish. Does not care about anyone.
Janice Castleman: Yago mother. President of USA. Refused to go on ship. Sent Jago instead.
Cordelia's Cousin: From a very wealthy family, money derived from the biotech boom.
Tamara Hoyle: Her job was to protect the area of the ship. She was a seargent in the marines. 22 years. Shot by Mark, but still alive.
Connie Huerta: Doctor at base. Wants to help people a lot. An obstreician on ship
'Young black woman': Takes the below mans stuffed lion.
'Man': Owns a stuffed lion from his childs death at birth. Refuses to let go.
'White-coated NASA man': Drunk. Explaining what everyone needed to go to board the ship.
'Little Kid': Scared of going onto the ship
'Little Kids mother': Telling the kid that everything is okay
Colonel Jasper Willett: Ships commander. Commit suicide.
Te Hoyle: Tamara Hoyles baby; Shipwright; Killed by Billy.
'Second Pilot': There are two piolets. No info known.
'Guy 1': Saw by 2Face on ship
'Guy 2': Saw by 2Face on ship
Unknown person: 2Face saw
Young girl: In revival from hibernation
Errol Smith: Yago met him
Miss Violet Blake: Kid which fights with parents.
Miss Blakes father: Died in hibernation
Wylson Lefkowitz-Blake: Miss Blakes mother
Roger Dodger: 10 year old boy
Tate: 14 year old girl
Anamull: 16 year old boy
Daniel Burroway: A scientist (Astrophysicist) Arrogant man
Tathagata Rajagopalarchiari: Does not want to be called T.R. by american friends
Alberto DiSalivo: Engineer who worked on solar sails
Kubrick DiSalvo: Above man's son. He had been abducted and experimented on, thus giving him his transparent skin. All of his organs can be seenn. He feel no pain, on the accont his nerves have been burnt.
Eeyore: Named by Jobs, he was a skanky-looking beast, slumped over and hangdog. He was attached to a wagon, which carried Billy Weir.
Pieter Brueghel: The mid-1550s artist whos paintings looked like the world they arrived in
Nostradamus: Same era as Pieter, he predicted the end of the world around where it happened. 1000 years since they were alive was current times.
Pan Human: A human in a pan with its leg, hand and head. Head was screaming in agony.
Antlered Deer: The deer was on its hind legs wearing a robe. It was panning the human. The deer stared at them.
Peasant Women w/ Scarf: Mo'Steel took her scarf to use as a bandage for Violet. He revealed the peasant's hollowness.
Four Sacred Streams: The Blue Meanie that explained who ran the ship. He sacrifised his life to destroy the node that had the Tower of Babel in it.
Chirismontak Hadad-Chirismon: A Rider, that's perspective is given when he gives some of his own input in Book 4.
Mother: The program that controls the ship.
Sincomantak Hadad-Sincoman: The Rider that killed Errol Smith. The Herald; Fought Tamara in a challenge; Died
Demscatilintak Hadad-Demscaltilint: Chirismontak's battle-partner.
Hieronymus Bosch: A long-long-dead painter that painted the creatures that ran around in the Tower of Babel.
Huge Fish Head w/ Human Legs: One of Busch's creations that terrorized the Remnants.
Huge Rat w/ Tin Man funnel hat: Another one of Busch's creations inside the Tower of Babel.
Big Mallard Duck w/ Human Hands: Busch's creation again.
Tiny Demons: Bosch's creation. Looked like mutated children with frog DNA to the Remnants.
Shriveled Man: He was pierced w/ a tree branch. Run around chasing the Remnants.
Small Demons: Bosch's. They were small, swift, red-skinned demons w/ cat whiskers.
Green Dragon: Bosch's. Carried a tall, smoldering torch.
The Two Men: They were in the Tower of Babel. They've been yoked to a massive red milestone.
The Goblins: In the Tower of Babel they drove a herd of starved men into the ground or to be cooked alive.
Deer Man: Seen by Edward and 2Face. Wore a red cape, and stood on his hind legs.
Bird Man: Seen by Edward and 2Face. Walked along side with some demons.
The Monster: Seen by Edward and 2Face. It was made up of screaming, yellow heads, barely human. It had holes in its head that shot out fire. It had no body, just lizard legs starting where its neck should be.
Blue Bird on Golden Throne: He was in the Tower of Babel. He wore a pot on his head. It was eating a man.
The Ears: Busch's creation. Held together by long spear stabbed through the upper lobe. Wedged between the ears was a huge knife.
The Creature: Seen by Edward. Had a cat's face w/ a frog's body. It had two, long tongues that licked Edward.
Troll Woman: Seen by Edward. Short, blue, and fat human-like creature. Carried a cast-iron pot w/ a black liquid inside.
Spear Demon: A demon w/ a spear coming out of his chest. Him and his partner, took Edward and tried to throw him into the Troll Woman's pot.
Rat-Fish w/ Man's Helmet Head: Mo'Steel kicked the creature Helmet Head off of it back.
Swollen Golden Monkey: A creature, which got slapped in the face by Mo'Steel.
Monster w/ Knife: Stabbed Olga.
Shriveled Female Creature: Swung her sword at Mo'Steel and sliced his chest.
Swollen Bird: Played its beak as a horn during the terror in the Tower of Babel.
A Thing of Amputated Body Parts: Ran past Violet w/ no head.
Beulah: The Blimp, which the Remnants rode. Billy used his mind control to steer her.
Ivan: Worked at McDonalds in Austin, Texas.
Teddy Bears: One of the things that came alive in Billy's room, and attacked the Remnants.
Big Bill Projection: Figure created by Billy to communicate with the Remnants.
Shipwright Projection: Figure created by Mother. A projection of a Maker. This is the way Mother sees herself.
Closet Monster: Attacked 2Face when Mother started to mulnipulate Billy's room.
Twelve Hallowed Stones: Blue Meanie, and 2nd alien to add input into the series. The Expositor of the Blue Meanies.
Noyze: Remnant that survived Rider Attack
Angelique Cohen: Remnant that survived Rider Attack
One Divine Mountain: The Muse of the Blue Meanies, "The One", born to feel Mother's mood.
Three Honored Blossoms: One of the six Sentients of the Blue Meanie Quorum. First Sentient mentioned.
Five Holy Lakes: One of the six Sentients of the Blue Meanie Quorum. Suspicious by nature. 2nd Sentient mentioned.
Seven Glorious Valleys: One of the six Sentients of the Blue Meanie Quorum. Third Sentient mentioned.
Six Perfect Branches: One of the six Sentients of the Blue Meanie Quorum. Fourth Sentient mentioned.
Two Righteous Trees: One of the six Sentients of the Blue Meanie Quorum. Fifth Sentient mentioned.
Ten Mighty Rivers: One of the six Sentients of the Blue Meanie Quorum. Final Sentient Mentioned
Isaac Asimov: Just mentioned. Created Asimov's Law of Robotics.
Sierra Leone: Artist breifly mentioned.
Baldwin: Author breifly mentioned.
Angelou: Author breilfy mentioned.
Yago's Grandmother: The name says it all.
Tilly: Yago's great-great-great grandmother from his Mother's side. Was a slave.
Abraham Jones: Yago's great-great-great grandfather from his Mother's side. Was a free African-American.
George Washington: 1st President briefly mentioned
King George: Famous King briefly mentioned
Agent Horvath: Yago's agent
Agent Jackson: Yago's other agent
General Philip Sheridan: Yago's "right hand"
Mr. Castleman: Mother-made version of Yago's Father. Helped the Remnants get a ride to the Washington Warrior's Stadium
Varchazertak Badad-Varchazer: Bonilivak Clan Warrior; Waited for the respounce of his Herald.
Tamarantak Badad-Tamaran: Tamara's Rider Name!; Leader of the Bonilivak Clan!
Most Radiant Sun: Blue Meanie who fought Tamara; Absorbed by Te the ShipWright!
Five Revolving Planets: Meanie that decided to take Yago prisoner, for breaking the Big Compromise.
Ancient Enemy: Unknown being(s) associated with Billy and the mutations of the Remnants and Troika.
Ameila: Remnant that was found in MMI. Power to control the bacteria in her body, and use it as a weapon.
Three Isolated Corridors: The Blue Meanie who protected the balance, and hosted 'the Dividing'.
Noah Rosetti: Roger Dodger's best friend on Earth.
Seventy Sacred Truths (or Yago's Catlike Agility): The Meanie chosen to guard the periphery of the camp. He killed Eight Spinning Wheels.
Eight Spinning Wheels: A very intelligent Meanie, who annoyed Seventy Sacred Truths very much. Killed by Yago's Catlike Agility with a flecthette gun.
Three Glowing Moons (or Yago's Razor-Sharp Wit): A bossy 'True Path' Meanie. One of Yago's oringal followers.
Yago's Buff Biceps: One of the 'True Path' followers.
Charles Langlow III: One of the Missing Eight, and part of the Troika. Introduced in NPLH.
Five Jutting Knolls: The Blue Meanie that drained all of Dr. Cohen's memory into his own. Old Meanie Religion.
Two Resting Places: The Blue Meanie that was with Five Jutting Knolls, when Dr. Cohen's memory was drained. Old Meanie Religion.
Twelve Prevalent Virtues: Another Meanie who watched Five Jutting Knolls drains Dr. Cohen's memory. Believes in the Old Meanie Religion.
Duncan Choate: The third member of the Troika. He's the Über-multitasker.
Todd: A kid who was in Edward's class.
Jason: A kid who was in Edward's class.
Bozo: Roger Dodger's dog who loved to play in the snow.
Yago's Formidable Intellect: This Blue Meanie is a follower of Yago. The one who followed Jobs, and watched him plant the tomato seeds on Earth.
Echo: This is a Descendant of a Rock Survivor. She is part of the Alpha Colony.
Woody: A leader of the Alpha Colony. Woody is a brilliant soil chemist.
Westie: An old woman in the Alpha Colony. She is Echo's master. Westie is not the nicest member of the Alpha Colony.
Mattock: A member of the Alpha Colony. He's one of Echo's friends.
Marina: A member of the Alpha colony.
India: India is only 3 years old, and she's the youngest Alpha Colony member.
Lyric: A member of the Alpha colony. She is a companion of Echo.
Frank: Frank is a member of the Alpha colony. He died unexpectedly when a beam in his laboratory collapsed a year before Dream Storm.
Rainier: A member of the Alpha Colony. He is 67 years old, and Rainier is a doctor and oldest member of the colony.
India's Mother: A member of the Alpha Colony.
Borlaug: Lyric's master and head technician of the Alpha Colony.
Ali Kosh: An elder in the Alpha colony.
Nile: Lyric's mother. Many members of the Alpha Colony go to her for advice.
Heather McMannis: A pretty fourteen-year-old who was in Billy's Sunday school class.
Hawk: The Marauder's leader after Crutch was killed.
Sanchez: A younger Marauder man.
Jackson Cooper: A bully from Edward's class with ratlike brown eyes.
Sister Francesca: A nun who taught Mo'Steel's Sunday school class.
Grost: A female Marauder.
Aga: An older Marauder.
Nesia: A bossy female Marauder.
Newton: A male Marauder who doesn't respect Mo'Steel.
Old Berg: An older male Marauder.
Walbert: Nesia's son, a Marauder kid.
Claw: A Marauder, one of Newton's supporters.
Snipe: A Marauder, one of Newton's supporters.
Balder: A Marauder, one of Newton's supporters.
Rattler: A Marauder, one of Newton's supporters.
Cocker: A Marauder man, not much known.
Eel: A Marauder boy teenager.
Curia: A Marauder female who watches the kids.
Yorka: A female Marauder that can't talk.
Badger: A Marauder teenager, respects Mo'Steel.
Prota: A young Marauder girl.
Tackie: A young female Marauder.
Croce: A Marauder boy about 10 years old.
Lily: Tate's old dog.
Yvonne Flattery: A girl who was in Tate's study hall.
Susan Nichols: A girl who was in Tate's study hall.
Jennifer Taylor Smith: Tate's old friend who moved away when they were kids.
Gaby: Tate's young cousin who smashed Tate's nose with a sandal.
Shipper: An elder Alpha who became the leader
Deena: A skinny Alpha women
Park: The Alpha head medical technician
Hidge: An assistant Alpha medical technician
Tap: An old dead Alpha that had a disease
Rexer: The storyteller of the Marauders before Sanchez.
Lumina: Echo's daughter
Tate: Jobs and Echo's second daugther
Boyd: Mo'Steel and Noyze's son

Living Remnants
Olga Gonzalez
Roger Dodger

Colonel Jasper Willett (Commit suicide because did not want to leave family behind #1)
Mark (Died trying to sneak onto ship #1)
Professor Jennifer Andreeson (Died in hibernation #2)
Tony Andreeson (Died in hibernation #2)
Unknown person 2Face saw (Died in hibernation #2)
Young girl in revival (Died in hibernation #2)
Miss Blakes father (Died in hibernation #2)
Errol Smith (Killed by Rider #2)
Big Bill (Killed by Billy Weir #2)
Wylson Blake-Lefkowitz (Drown in Ocean #4)
Shy Hwang (Killed by Blue Meanie Shrapnel #4)
Alberto DiSalvo (Killed by Mother #6)
Te Hoyle (Killed by Billy Weir #7)
Tathagata Rajagopalarchiari (Killed by Blue Meanie Shrapnel #8)
Kubrick DiSalvo (Killed by Charlie Langlow III #9)
Angelique Cohen (Killed by Rider #9)
Tamara Hoyle (Killed by Blue Meanie #10)
Daniel Burroway (Killed by Flamming Gas #10)
Anamull (Killed by D-Caf's Worms #11)
Yago (Killed by Tate #13)
Amelia (Killed by Tate #13)
Charles Langlow III (Killed by Tate #13)
Duncan Choate (Killed by Tate #13)
Tate (Crashed into Asia #13)
2Face (Died trying to kill Billy #14)
Billy (Didn't survive the regreening #14)

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