#9 No Place Like Home
Book Cover: Mo'Steel looking at the remains of Earth
Dedication: For Michael and Jake
Pages: 151
Chapters: 21
Publication Date: November 2002
US/Canada Release Date: October 2002
Australian Release Date: December 2002
ISBN: 0590884921
Cover Artist: Jonathan Barkat

Official Summary:
The Remnants are on a mission to promote peace but the Blue Meanies have created a horrifying weapon, and the peacemakers are in grave danger. Yago's plan to rule has finally taken form and promises death and destruction to everyone in the Zone. How does this all tie into the disturbing appearance of a stranger? Who is he? Can he be trusted? And what about Violet?
The secrets will be revealed as the devious plot unfolds. The future of the Remnants hangs in the balance. Can Billy save them? Can he even save himself?

Back-of-Book Summary:
The Remnants have decided that they've had too much fighting. Too many battles. They want to try to find a way to make peace. But the Blue Meanies have something else on their minds. They've invented an incredibly horrifying new weapon. And it's obvious they plan on using it.
The Blue Meanies are not Jobs and the others' only problem. There is a stranger among them. No one knows who or what he is, but everyone is being very careful. Especially Violet--who has a secret that might be the key to where the Remnants will go from here. If they go anywhere at all....

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