#6 Breakdown
Book Cover: Yago and Billy Weir
Dedication: For Michael and Jake
Pages: 152
Chapters: 28
Publication Date: May 2002
US/Canada Release Date: April 2002
Australian Release Date: June 2002
ISBN: 0590881957
Cover Artist: Jonathan Barkat

Official Summary:
As Billy continues his mysterious encounter with the ship's powerful core known as Mother, he begins to form a strange connection with her, Mother has generated the Remnant's surroundings and is lonely after centuries of isolation. But when Mother delves into the depths of Yago's sinister mind, a strange computer-generated battle erupts. Will Yago sell the rest of the Remnants out to Mother? Will the other Remnants forge an alliance with their enemies to destroy Mother? Will their encounter lead to a better environment or to their ultimate destruction?

Back-of-Book Summary:
Jobs, Mo'Steel, 2Face, and the remaining Remnants struggle to survive in a world that is barely real. And now, they must challenge Mother, the powerful computer computer that creates the nightmare worlds in which they are forced to survive-or not.
The few who have tried to face Mother have failed terribly. Only Billy, whose mind stayed awake for 500 years, has been able to form a powerful bond with her. Now, Yago has decided to let her delve into the depths of his slightly twisted mind, and a full-on computer-generated battle ensues.
It doesn't take long before the Remnants realize that if Mother has the ability to generate new environments-new worlds-she could create a computer-generated Earth. The question is: At what price?

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