#5 Mutation
Book Cover: Kubrick after his abduction
Dedication: For Michael and Jake
Pages: 160
Chapters: 23
Publication Date: March 2002
US/Canada Release Date: February 2002
Australian Release Date: April 2002
ISBN: 0590881949
Cover Artist: Jonathan Barkat

Official Summary:
Caught in the depths of their strange new world, Mo' Steel and Billy Weir encounter a lost Remnant, Kubric DiSalvo. Unfortunately, the ship has transformed him, replacing his skin with a transparent plastic coating. Scared and awed by the ship's vicious power, the group tries to rejoin their friends. Meanwhile, the other Remnants are in danger in another stratum of the ship: Yago and Jobs are stuck in a computer-generated sea battle. When the groups meet, Billy finds he can communicate with the ship's core. Will his strange past help him to understand or even control the ship in time to save everyone?

Back-of-Book Summary:
There is a computer called Mother that runs the ship keeping the remaining members of the human race alive. And the computer has the ability to create imaginary worlds filled with things that don't-can't-exist. The problem is that this computer has evolved. It experiences emotion. And it is out of control.
Jobs, Mo'Steel, 2Face, Billy, and the other Remnants are struggling to survive within Mother's evironments. But they are not all surviving. And they've discovered new strange mutation. A mutation that has made him into a living, breathing monster....

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