#4 Nowhere Land
Book Cover: 2Face
Dedication: For Michael and Jake
Pages: 165
Chapters: 24
Publication Date: January 2002
US/Canada Release Date: December 2001
Australian Release Date: February 2002
ISBN: 0590881930
Cover Artist: Jonathan Barkat

Official Summary:
There's a reason for the strange environment of the world the Remnants have landed on. It's not a real world at all. It's a ship and the ship's landscape is computer generated. Technically enhanced. And when the group finds a power node, a green-glowing cone that's racing with electricity, they realize that they too can be in control of their bizarre surroundings.

Back-of Book Summary:
Jobs, Mo'Steel, 2Face and a handful of others are the last of the human race. They are all that remain of what we knew as the planet Earth. And they've travelled millions of miles and five hundred years to find a place to begin again.
But the ship that now sustains them nearly destroys the survivors. Its compter feeds them images that are incredibly beautiful, intensely horrifying, and very, very dangerous. In order to stay alive, the Remnants have to find a way to work together in an environment that wants to tear them apart. And so far the environment--this strange new place they have to call home--is winning....

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