#3 Them
Book Cover: Edward lost with Algae wall in background
Dedication: For Michael and Jake
Pages: 163
Chapters: 25
Publication Date: November 2001
US/Canada Release Date: October 2001
Australian Release Date: December 2001
ISBN: 0590880780
Cover Artist: Jonathan Barkat

Official Summary:
It is time to confront a strange new reality. Of the 80 people chosen to escape earth's final destruction, only a handful remain. They're all that's left of the human race. They've traveled 500 years into the future, and about as far as possible from the life they once knew. Now, marooned on a strange planet, they break into groups to explore. Jobs's and Mo'Steel's group discover what looks like a recreation of the Tower of Babel. Inside they find an alien creature -- wounded but still a potential threat.
Meanwhile, another group discovers the tower, only they don't want to explore. They want to capture -- using violence, if necessary. Soon, the Remnants are arguing over what to do, and that could be a major problem. Because a ship of people 500 years away from home should not be a ship divided.

Back-of-Book Summary:
The world we know as Earth is dead. Jobs, 2Face, Mo'Steel, and the other survivors had hoped to find a place capable of sustaining human life. A place where they might start over. A place they could call home.
But the land they found is not actually a palnet at all. It's a ship. A ship capable of replicating both human life and existense--but not to a believable extent. The survivors of the Mayflower Project have begun to believe that who or whatever created this place is playing games with them. Deadly games. And the difference between winning and losing could mean the difference between life ... and death.

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