#2 Destination Unknown
Book Cover: A Remnant being disintegrated by micrometeorites
Dedication: For Michael and Jake
Pages: 154
Chapters: 23
Publication Date: September 2001
US/Canada Release Date: August 2001
Australian Release Date: October 2001
ISBN: 0590880748
Cover Artist: Jonathan Barkat

Official Summary:
She's done it again! K.A. Applegate, best-selling author of author of the ANIMORPHS and EVERWORLD series, presents a fresh, exciting, and gritty new science-fiction series that combines a little 2001, a little Survivor and Armageddon, for a whole lot of action! Where would the Rock hit? Would it hit far out in the ocean and send a wave to wash this idyllic place into the sea like a sandcastle with the tide coming in? Would the Rock hit far across the planet and break the world apart? There'll be so much left to do. So much to say. But what do you say at the end of the world?

Back-of-Book Summary:
When the world ended, there was the Eighty. Eighty people given the chance for survival. Given the chance to find a new place to live. Somewhere to start over after an asteroid had destroyed the entire human race. And now, after a five-hundred-year "nap", the Eighty have landed. But something about this new place isn't quite right. Not right at all.
Jobs, 2Face, Mo'Steel, and the others don't know if they're on another planet, if they're dreaming, or if they're really still alive. And if they are, can they survive on this strange, new world?

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