#13 Survival
Book Cover: Tate and the Troika
Dedication: For Michael and Jake
Pages: 165
Chapters: 16
Publication Date: July 2003
US/Canada Release Date: June 2003
Australian Release Date: August 2003
ISBN: 0590877356
Cover Artist: Jonathan Barkat

Official Summary:
Tate is fighting for her life. Amelia, Duncan, and Charlie are mysteriously transforming into slime creatures and they are desperate to "recycle" all of the living cells--into their own bodies. But Tate has something Amelia wants even more than cells, and she'll manage to save her life by forging a strange alliance with these creatures. Tate is haunted by a strange reoccurring dream of the renewed Earth. Does the dream mean Tate can use the powerful ship to undo the devastation caused by the Rock?

Back-of-Book Summary:
Jobs, Mo'Steel, Billy, and the remaining Remnants have made it back to Earth. Or rather, what's left of Earth. They've discovered survivors. Humans that made it after the Rock hit. But life on this Earth is nothing like what the Remnants remember. Not at all.
Tate and Yago are still aboard Mother. Yago had found a way to disconnect Billy from the ship, stranded him and the others on Earth, and then took off. What Yago didn't know was that Tate was still aboard the ship. Still aboard Mother. And she's not happy about that. Not at all...

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