#11 Dream Storm
Book Cover: Billy Weir
Dedication: For Michael and Jake
Pages: 146
Chapters: 17
Publication Date: March 2003
US/Canada Release Date: February 2003
Australian Release Date: April 2003
ISBN: 0590884956
Cover Artist: Jonathan Barkat

Official Summary:
Be careful what you wish for. After what seemed like a lifetime of waiting, the Remnants are back on Earth--for better or worse. Yago has taken control of Mother and stranded the Remnants along with their ruthless enemies the Riders and Meanies to keep them company. Meanwhile, Jobs discovers that Earth has some ‘remnants' of its own humans who don't know any world other than the new Earth. Will the survivors of the Rock help the remaining Remnants? Or does a new enemy lurk on the horizon?

Back-of-Book Summary:
The Remnants have rediscovered Earth. But it's definitely not the earth they left behind more than 500 years ago. It's not the earth that was almost completely destroyed by an asteroid. Everything that's left is in ruins, and there doesn't appear to be any water or food. Jobs, Mo'Steel, Billy, and the others have to try to find a way to make this wasteland into a home. They don't have a lot of supplies... or time. And there are devastating storms that stir up intense winds--and horrible dreams. Dreams that are almost real.
What the Remnants don't know is there's something beneath the surface of the ravaged planet. Something they never could have imagined. And it could give Jobs and the others the chance they'd been hoping for. The chance to survive.

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